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78 months ago

need jobs!

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78 months ago

Hello, You will have the most success finding the job you want by using our search engine. Just type in job title, company, or keyword into the search field at the top of this page and click "Find Jobs". Best of luck with your search! in Columbus, Ohio

78 months ago

i would like to find any kind of work right now

alex patterson in Columbus, Ohio

76 months ago

im looking for a job and wondering if this might be a good chance for me trying to get a job.


70 months ago

I grad. in Feb.2009 as an LPN, certified in IV and I can not seem to find an agency or business to hire a new grad. I am sure that others recieved a start in this field. I have 15 years working in a hospital as an Certified Medical Assistant, PCA, EKG, Phlebotomist and lab assistant. All I am looking for is a chance to grow with in a company why I'm persuing my RN degree at Ohio University. I would like Home Health,or to work where I can have the flexability to schdule my hours each quarter while in nursing school. Live in Ohio near Columbus,Groveport, Lancaster and Canal Winchester.
Thanks for any reply or information someone can give.
I send you prayers and blessing in Jesus name Amen


70 months ago in Columbus, Ohio said: i would like to find any kind of work right now

Mount Carmel has an agency over thier housekeeping dept. and last I looked they needed a housekeeper at the hospital. Also I know that there is a new assisted living place being built in Pinkerington,Ohio
that will start hiring in the next 2 weeks. On primises applications.

ON State Rout 104 Cols,Oh there is a sign in front looking for a driver (truck).
hope some of this information helps.

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