Job search in Conyers?

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What are the best local job boards, job clubs, recruiters and temp agencies available in Conyers?

eclarke in Mcdonough, Georgia

60 months ago

I am a Computer Specialist/Network Services Professional with
expertise in Transport Network management, which analyzes/researches
fiber optical alarms in the Sonet module. Prior to that, I was
resident billing subject matter expert monitoring consumer bills and
CPU outages. As computer system material planner, coordinated
provision/scheduling of hardware inventories by forecasting and
purchasing equipment. I also worked at the New York Stock Exchange
clearing and provisioning stocks and bond. Some selected strengths
include monitoring, analyzing, coordinating, scheduling, and creating
worksheets using Lotus and different applications.

Particular accomplishments include successfully reducing excess
inventories of phasing out/runout items by approximately $10MM. As a
Transport specialist, I created procedures to monitor technician's
alarms and recovery time. I have worked for a major international
Fortune 200 company and The New York City Stock Exchange. Attended
Omnitech Institution for training in Networking, CNNA, Unix, A+ and
Cisco certification.

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