Moving to Corpus Christi - how did you get here?

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Where did you come from? How did you move here? What would you do different now?

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93 months ago

I originally came from Kansas approx. 29 yrs ago and moved to Dallas,Ft.Worth area until 2 1/2 yrs ago when we moved to Corpus Christi to please my daughter-in-law as she was raised here in Corpus Christi and wanted to come back. That was probably the very BIGGEST MISTAKE we ever made. We have lost everything we had in storage because we couldn't find work, lived in the worst dumps ever and became homeless due to not being able to find gainful employment. We still have not been able to get on our feet,not even close to it and now to top it all off, my daughter-in-law left my son, taking their beautiful 3 yr. litte girl, tearing his heart out along with mine. My son and I have to move out in 2-3 days, with no place to go and looking at losing everything again, so you tell me, was moving here a HUGE mistake or what? At this point, I wish I'd NEVER seen this town, or city or whatever you call it. People in Corpus Christi don't seem to care one bit about anybody else, especially if they are down and out and are really trying to help their selves to get back on their feet and live what EVERY person in this country should be able to live, and that is a good and normal life with a home, a job and have their family together instead of ripped apart because of not being able to work and support a family. If I ever get out of here you can bet one thing and that is I'll NEVER come back. By the way, I was fired from a job about 6-7 months ago simply because I asked a co-worker if she would give me a ride home, which was about 3 miles away, because our car had broke down and I had no way home and being 70 yrs. old I could not walk home and couldn't afford a cab home. I finally did get a ride home, thanks to somebody my son asked to pick me up, and I was told on my next work day, which was a Monday, NOT TO GO BACK because they did not allow any of their workers to ask for a ride home, a little matter that NOBODY there had bothered to tell me. SO what do ya think of this town now?

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