Looking for a job.

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Joyce Horn

94 months ago

Please let me know the new jobs coming to Decatur,Alabama.

Of course in Fayetteville, Georgia

94 months ago

I will be happy to inform you of the jobs that come open in Decatur, Alabama. Would that be any specific job types you'd like me to gather for you or just any old jobs will do?

I really appreciate your hiring me for the job of personal secretary and I am most grateful for the $40 per hour I am to receive for doing this for you.

Here's to Joyce!

sheronda ervin in Decatur, Alabama

81 months ago

I live here in decatur i am looking for assembly,production,warehousing,michine oper and general laborer


67 months ago

i really need a job i have a 1 month old son and we stay with my step dad and he is disable to work my wife passed away and my step dad said he could watch my son until i get him started daycare

Jessica Robinson in Decatur, Alabama

63 months ago

I live in Dectur, Alabama and i am currently working at hardee's on the beltline and i have several reasons to quit but i need to find another job before i put my 2-weeks notice in so if there are any jobs that are hiring (i preferr a clothing store or a department store will do me just fine) PLEASE let me know.

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