What are the best neigborhoods in Decatur?

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Where is the good life? For families? Singles?

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JesseJackson in Oreana, Illinois

106 months ago

Oh Jason from Trailerville. You can find nice areas in Decatur. Many choose to live in the smaller towns outside of Decatur. Forsyth, Mt. Zion, Oreana. But if you want to compare it to Springfield, Bloomington, Champaign...Decatur is scummy.

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unkown woman in Normal, Illinois

88 months ago

Decatur is a very bad place to live, and it smells bad too. Little bad kids are taking over Decatur with the killings and drugs and robberies. There are not 1 good area in Decatur, even if you live in a nice neighbor hood. So many crimes are done in decatur that the police can't control it. Decatur is getting worse and worse by the day and i wish i didnt live her, There is nothing to do in Decatur and its very boring.

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Mike in Decatur, Illinois

79 months ago

Actually, Decatur is a decent place to live and raise a family. It is one of the cheapest places in the country to live as well. We live in SS on a private cul de sac and dont have any city noise or traffic. I grew up in the hood and what some of these other people are describing are extremely inaccurate. It isnt the greatest town but you could sure find worse. And for those who say to live in one of the burbs here are blinding by the fact that per capita, these smaller town schools have a much higher drug and violence problem than Decatur schools.

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Me in Decatur, Illinois

63 months ago

Decatur, Is not a nice place at all. If thinking on moving here I do suggest strongly looking to the smaller towns outside Decatur. From robberies, to killings, to rapes, this was not a very enjoyable place to attend school at. Thankfully the Milli-Bubble is a nice safe zone but once you cross Fairview, Main, or Wood street you are opening to the doors to violence. There are some beautiful places here and the town is rich in history from Lincoln, to Oglesby, to Mueller, but overall look outside the city limits. You will feel safer and you will be able to raise a family better then inside Decatur, IL. Best of Luck.

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Mike in Decatur in Villa Grove, Illinois

63 months ago


Well if that logic held true then the last couple of months would not be very good for you. All of the little towns surrounding us here is Decatur have had drug busts, several pedophile busts, a federal invesitgation against some fraudulant activities among fights in the schools and so on. So while a larger town does naturally have crime and violence, Millikin is not really in that great of a location. Get past that little area around it and its quite fine and safe. My wife spent several years at Millikin and never had an issue. She gets more trouble thrown her way downtown by the pan handlers than she did in Millikin area actually.

In a nutshell, while people like to trash Decatur...check your facts before your 1 bad experience clouds your judgement.

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MOB in Dekalb, Illinois

15 months ago

Host said: Where is the good life? For families? Singles?

I grew up in Decatur and moved to Dallas in 1896, returning to Decatur in 2/2013. I found the town to be a nice place to live work and raise a family. However, if hiring officials continue to hire only their cronies and friends of their buddies, then the town as is the case with the state, will flounder. There is too much bias and bigotry which is very obvious with the leadership of the town, continues to be the "good ol' boy system. Hire folks that look like me type of mind-set, shutting out all those minorities and people of color, causing them to rely on the government for welfare assistance. Be fair in your hiring and promotion and Decatur can come out of the bottom half of the quality of live surveys.

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