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- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 95 months ago

looking for employment - 2 Replies

I ‘m looking to relocate to Colorado, maybe north of Denver and I need a job. I am coming from a "dead industry" after 27 years at Borg Warner, a...

D in Englewood, Colorado

Research Postitions

I recently relocated from Cleveland, OH to be with my fiancee. I've been looking hard for entry-level research positions in biology. There are...

Porfirio in Littleton, Colorado

First job

Im looking for my first job, I live in thornton, Colorado

Margie Starrels in Englewood, Colorado

Seeking position: Grant writing, distance education, non-commission mutual fund or life insurance sales, admin or office manager

I am seeking a part-time or full-time position (non-commission) in any of the above fields. Does anybody know any leads, network possibilities,...

Jason in Woodbridge, Virginia

Updated 97 months ago

Employment - 1 Reply

Have twenty years experience in the construction industry.Ten years in automotive. Four years in Autocad Any information on construction management...


Updated 98 months ago

Teaching in Denver - 2 Replies

Hello, My husband and I are relocating to the Denver area next year. I am a secondary social studies teacher, and currently I am awaiting my...

tad layman in Petoskey, Michigan

need carpentry work

I am moving to colorado in a month or two and I am going to need a carpentry job. I have all my own tools with a trailor and 14 years of...

Mike Riggins in Denver, Colorado

Im 16 looking for any job in Broomfield or Longmont

I am a very hard working man. Can lift over 60 pounds. Can work night shifts. Rely need a job to help out family.

Judy in Aurora, Colorado

Updated 100 months ago

Denver activities - 2 Replies

What are the opportunities for recreation, vacation, and just plain fun around Denver?

steved in Denver, Colorado

Updated 100 months ago

Best schools in Denver? - 2 Replies

Where are the best schools or school districts in Denver?

Tiffany in Bismarck, North Dakota

How do I get an ein tax id number?

How do I get an ein tax id number?

robofuzz5 in Denver, Colorado

Jobs in recreation/teaching for a certified Golf Teaching Professional

Hi, I would appreciate any suggestions that you may have regarding employment in the recreation/teaching profession. I just moved here with my...

joseapepe in Corpus Christi, Texas

Updated 101 months ago

What are the best neigborhoods in Denver? - 3 Replies

Where is the good life? For families? Singles?

becca vrable in Littleton, Colorado

Updated 102 months ago

i am looking for a legit home based business - 1 Reply

are there any legit home based businesses around? ive been ripped off a couple times and i dont want to again. ive seen some ads around denver for...

Boitumelo in Mmabatho, South Africa

Updated 103 months ago

Second Year Law Student looking for Summer Internship in Denver - 1 Reply

I'm a second year law student looking for a summer 2009 job in Denver. I have a BBA and I am quite interested in either corporate or interntational...

Carrie Schneider in Denver, Colorado

Updated 104 months ago

Employment - 4 Replies

Hello All,, I am a recreational therapist looking for employment in Long Term Care/hospital settings in the Denver area. As you can see by my...

Indeed Help in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 106 months ago

forklift operator certification w/no experience - 3 Replies

Looking for a 'female-freindly' employer hiring warehouse load/unload sit-down fiorklift operator. Already hv Class A - All Endorsements and...

elvin hansen in Kellogg, Idaho

experienced miner looking or employment

30 years of underground mining experience in both rack mines and rubber tire / diesel mines....honesy hard working .... have some supervisory...

Deb in Denver, Colorado

IT Job in Denver

Hi, I am quite new to Denver and looking for suitable job in Denver area for past 1 month. I am a java software engineer having 3+ yrs of exp....

Joni in Denver, Colorado

Work needed! Great people skills, phone and computer skills, and very experienced in caregiving

I just moved to Denver from Iowa and I am looking for a job. Unfortunately I was scammed into a pyramid scheme and I am trying to make up for some...

John in Des Moines, Iowa

The job hunt is slow...can anyone point me in the right direction

Hello, I am a recent graduate with my masters in Instructional Design and Training and I have my bachelors in Education. I am looking for a corporate...

floyd in Big Rapids, Michigan

work needed

need to get out of michigan will go anywere in us have expeirence in construction , sales need a job send me email at

John in Longmont, Colorado

Updated 110 months ago

Denver causes and charities - 1 Reply

What causes do people in Denver care about. Where are the volunteer opportunities?

John in Longmont, Colorado

Updated 110 months ago

Commuting in denver colorado - 1 Reply

When, where and how to travel.

Inspector in Missouri

Updated 113 months ago

Call backs... - 9 Replies

I have never heard of a more unprofessional city! Why don't employers call you back after an interview to let you know you didn't get the job??? I...

MAry in Arvada, Colorado

Updated 114 months ago

Job search in Denver? - 2 Replies

What are the best local job boards, job clubs, recruiters and temp agencies available in Denver?

andrea1 in Calgary, Alberta

Updated 115 months ago

Teaching in Denver - 1 Reply

Hello, My husband and I are relocating to the Denver area next year. I am a secondary social studies teacher, and currently I am awaiting my...

Fabien in Paris, France

I am looking for an internship in pharmacy in Colorado ,the boulder area

Dear friends I am a french Pharmacist looking for an internship in order to be licensed,any help would be apreciated

Jennifer22 in Cranesville, Pennsylvania

Teaching in Denver

Hello, My husband and I are relocating to the Denver area next year. I am a secondary social studies teacher, and currently I am awaiting my...

Chaka in Pearland, Texas

Updated 120 months ago

Getting a job - 1 Reply

I am a retired School Social Worker and would like to gain meaningful employment in a Nursing Home.

Call me Charlie in Louisville, Kentucky

Updated 121 months ago

Weather in Denver - 2 Replies

What are the seasons like in Denver? How do Denver dwellers cope?


Denver culture

Food, entertainment, shopping, local traditions - where is it all happening in Denver?


Newcomer's guide to Denver?

What do newcomers need to know to settle in and enjoy Denver? Car registration, pet laws, city services, more...

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