Getting jerked aroud by a former employer re: start dates

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nyxalinth in Denver, Colorado

47 months ago

I am looking for work again, and the latest potential employer has had trouble reaching a former employer to confirm employment dates. The last place where I worked is being jerky and uncooperative when it comes to giving a reference to them.

I know darned well I started in June 2009, but they told the potential employer another date. The potential employer is refusing to tell me the date they were told by the previous employer. the previous employer is refusing to return my calls to find out what date they are stating.

Also, my former supervisor--who knows darned well what date I started--is refusing to talk to me, and he also refuses to tell anyone my hire date. He refers everyone to the guy who either has it wrong or is flat out lying.

BTW, this place is the local ballet company here, so it's not a big huge corporation. Also, when I tried to resume working there last year after the yearly hiatus, I discovered our little call center had supposedly been outsourced to India (yeah, because people in another freaking country will know all about the X Ballet and have seen the performances live, yeah) and interestingly enough, all the people who had worked with me since the beginning were the ones let go, too.

Needless to say, I am angry and feeling betrayed. My supervisor had liked me a lot, he thought I did great work while I was there. I don't blame him, but the general manager (who apparently replaced the one while I was there) is screwing me over with this crap. If I can't find out what date he's telling people, I'm screwed, and will have to have a two year bunch of nothing on my resume (I mean paid employment wise).

what recourse do I have? My W2 doesn't have a start date. I'm giving him another call tomorrow, because this needs to get sorted. Would the local labor board be willing to help? I'm giving them a call if he refuses to answer me.

Mixer Mike 2 in Baghdad, Iraq

47 months ago

Dude, do you save your check stubs? If you have your first one from the job, it should state the approximate time you started...that should be sufficient evidence...

Legally speaking in Glendale, Arizona

47 months ago

Maybe able to help you out! contact me at Not sure if the labor board will do much! Just let me know where I responded from.

nyxalinth in Denver, Colorado

47 months ago

Well, I'm not a dude :D But I wish I had saved them. They accuidentally ended up getting shredded. long story.

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