Are there any Legitimate Staffing Agencies in Denver

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altefspry in Denver, Colorado

57 months ago

I'm in the market for an entry level position in Denver, CO. I have a B.A. in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice and some various work experiences. The economy being what it is, I've opened myself up to just about any type of opportunity out there whether it be: entry level administrative, data entry, paralegal, office clerk, mail sorter, anything. There are tons of staffing agencies in Denver and they all claim to have numerous open positions on their websites, but when you call and talk to them they don't have anything going on.

Right now I'm working with TPM Staffing who claim to have clients in over two dozen different industries. I applied for nearly every position, I took and passed every test they gave me with "flying colors" is what I was told, so with my education and experience finding a position for me should be a piece of cake right? Wrong. Every week I call and every week they have nothing going on, the secretary told me they've got one client right now.

I've tried Manpower, forget about them, got to have at least 5 years experience. Action Staffing Personnel doesn't even have a website. Express Pros posts half a dozen positions I more than qualify for every week, I apply, send emails, call, never hear anything back. Cecore Staffing might be a scam as well as Aim Hire who claims to specialize in entry level placement, but they post jobs on craigslist and a lot of the time its the same job every week. I apply, email, call, all I hear is "we'll contact you if anything opens up." Why are they posting jobs on craigslist? Snelling Staffing is a joke, so is Employment Solutions and these two companies post jobs on craigslist as well. Why does a staffing agency need to post ads for workers on craigslist? J. Kent Staffing seems legit, they called me back for a phone interview and now I'm waiting to see if they find something for me.

Are there any legitimate staffing agencies in Denver willing to work with recent college grads?

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3 months ago

I feel your pain. In 2017, when Denver's economy is supposedly booming, I've been called by agencies who have given me the "smoke n'mirrors" routine.
I am tempted to strike out on my own.

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