Weather in Detroit

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What are the seasons like in Detroit? How do Detroit dwellers cope?

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Marc in Detroit, Michigan

108 months ago

I lived my entire life in Michigan, and every winter, I always hear the same thing, why do we live in Michigan? Cold weather gets old fast, and the snow usually turns to dirty slush in the southern part of the state.
The sun rarely shows itself in the winter, some say the lack of sun contributes to depression type mentality.

Spring and Fall are awesome, we roll the windows down at the first day the snow is melted and the sun is out, it can be 55 degrees out and we are ready for no coat and top down after the February Freeze.

Summer is nice, it gets hot and muggy, but nothing unbearable, we have less than 5 days a year that are 100 degrees or more..

fall color change is the best, when I finally get out of this state, the sping an fall will be missed.

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Toddd in Ferndale, Michigan

85 months ago

If you like weather between 50 and 75, Detroit is for you. From the end of March to the end of November, it typically won't get colder than 50.

For about 3 months, December through February you will see freezing temperatures and snow.

The summers are pretty mild, maybe a couple days at 90. a couple weeks in the 80s, but for the most part it's in the 70s. It's very comfortable.

Fall is great with the color of the leaves. Snow can be fun as well, at least for a while.

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Pissed Off Applicant in Farmington, Michigan

85 months ago

If you're a fan of sunshine, you're going to be very disappointed. Detroit averages more cloudy days than Seattle. 2/3 of the year is overcast.

Otherwise, summers are hot/humid and hte winters are cold/snowy. Of course Detroit doesn't see extreme weather such as blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes and floods often, which is a plus.

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