Do not work for Associated Clinical Laboratories in Erie!

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disgusted in Euclid, Ohio

99 months ago

A warning to all job seekers in Erie, do not work for this company! ACL treats their employees worse than any company I've ever seen. I got treated with more respect when I worked at the salad bar at Ponderosa when I was 16. A few highlights of the worst ACL has to offer: At the Hamot branch, at least 5 female workers complained to management that they were being sexually harassed by a supervisor there. Management ignored their complaints because he was "too hard to replace." A few months later it was discovered that this person was on the Miranda's list website for statutory rape of a minor. Besides what the employees had to put up with from him, this man had access to the pediatric floors 24 hours a day, as well as any other female patients in the hospital.
I worked there for three years and saw people who were incredibly incompetent and lazy get away with pretty much anything, while the few of us who worked hard had to do the jobs of all these people plus our own, and only got punished for it by having more work given to us. When they did give raises, ours were the same as the people who constantly called in sick and barely did any work while they were there.
A friend of mine who still works there just got passed up for a job transfer she put in for. She has worked there for 9 years, the girl they gave the job to was there for 6 months. Because my friend is one of the few hard-working employees at her branch, they won't let her leave, and passed her up for someone who is reputed to be terrible at her job.
This situation is an example of what happens every day in some form or another at this company. Please, if you are a competent and intelligent person, do not work for them. You will only be used and taken advantage of in ways you won't believe are possible. Leave them to hire the lazy morons they deserve.

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Honest Worker in Erie, Pennsylvania

93 months ago

Do not work for FLuid ENgineering also. I was physically pushed and thrown things at and when I compalined, they fired me. I know of one person who is lazy and that person tried to make me to their job too; when I denied to do his work, he jot angry and went with his tail behind his legs to complain to the boss.

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joesmo in Erie, Pennsylvania

46 months ago

I was hired as a Route Driver but then the HR person (Denise) gave me a hard time and rescinded my job offer and wouldn't hire me because I didn't have 2 dates correct on my resume - they didn't match what the background check company had. I told her I could fix the resume and resend it, but she was real nasty about it, even tho all my other testing and background checks were checked out clean. I don't feel that missing dates on a resume is reason not to hire somebody, I was not trying to hide anything. So if you apply for a job there make sure all your I's are dotted and your T's are crossed because she will run you thru the wringer, like she's the head of some government secret mission. Good luck dealing with her.

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Former Employee in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

37 months ago

Completely agree!!!

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