Job search in Glendale?

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What are the best local job boards, job clubs, recruiters and temp agencies available in Glendale?

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virgocalifornia in Ontario, California

96 months ago

I work for Bank of America and am on the staffing team. I assist in filling customer service and sales related positions for our contact center in Glendale, Ca. My name is Norman Harris and I can be reached via email

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davisdavis in Norman, Oklahoma

96 months ago

Hi Norman, I am applying for the branch manager position and am on my last step interviewing with the Marketing Manager. Any tips you can give me that might give me the edge. I really want this position with Bank of Amercia.

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Somebody who cares... in Glendale, California

88 months ago

Davis, I am former employee of Bank of America. You don't want to be working there. Bank of America is the #1 WORSEST company to work for, specially the Glendale Main branch Mortgage Department. You don't want to work there. Because of the manager, she is such an EVIL person and she will make your life leaving hell, and she will ruin your work history. Don't even think of going there. You are better off to work for Chase, Citibank or Wells Fargo. Believe me everybody in her department hates her and the wish to get out of there because of her; but if anybody leaves she puts negative comments in their file so they cannot find another job. The most interesting part is she leaves in Northern California!!!!! and she comes all the way to Glendale..... She leaves her family up North and comes here to work!!! She needs to get a life. See anybody in right mind in B of a Human Resource Department, won’t give the job to somebody who has to commute to work by plain... There is millions of people with better qualification in Glendale & Los Angeles area that can have the job but no they had to hire a person from Oakland California that she has no education and she doesn’t know how to talk to people. She yells all the time and chased so many customers away; she has no customer service skills or even a management skill. SHE HAS NO CLASS AT ALL, I will give you one example, during office meetings she takes off her shoes and walks around all they bear foot or plays with her finger tows... IT’S DISGUSTING.
So you can guess the rest!!!
So many people have complained about her to the HR but they never do anything about it.

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