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Annie Kearns in High Point, North Carolina

78 months ago

I'm seeking employment- I have experience in
just about all the fields I can think of, it
is hard to utilize my skills in this economy
right now, so who's hiring..............

Laina in Greensboro, North Carolina

75 months ago

I am 16years old and looking for a good first teenage job.I have no experience but i know basic things far as how to clean,cook,and etc.Please help me....who's hiring

hiremeplease in Greensboro, North Carolina

54 months ago


Ashraf Adam in Greensboro, North Carolina

53 months ago

I am 16Years old Looking for a job. Soon to be Career i am not experienced but i can get the hang of it in a short time.

nathalie_dlp in Greensboro, North Carolina

53 months ago

-im 19 years old im not working right now im loking for any kind of job it doesnot matter full-part time job contact me if u interested i graduated from high school i have my diploma i speak spanish and english !

Vaughn in Reidsville, North Carolina

47 months ago

who's hiring folks with a felony?????

Teo in Greensboro, North Carolina

44 months ago

im 17 years old, speak spanish,vietnamese,and english, I maybe look young, but im hard worker..

joshua12 in Greensboro, North Carolina

40 months ago

im 12 years old whos hiring at fun places in greensboro NC?

GCity_919 in Greensboro, North Carolina

40 months ago

Looking for a night shift job. From 5pm to closed. I have experiences in computers, fast-food resturants (Cici's Pizza, Arby's & Cookout) and Retail.

Milah_Ree in Greensboro, North Carolina

40 months ago

19 Years old, college sophmore seeking a degree in Journalism/Mass Communications with a concentration in print. Seeking a Monday, Weds, Friday (the only weekdays my schedule will allow). I have experience in working with Children. Particularly tutoring, recreation, and after-school. Seeking a job in another field, such as retail, to diversify my resume.


25 months ago

I have a MBA degree looking for a job in the teaching profession. I am extremely interested with online education. Pricejazz@aol.com

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