Thinking of moving from San Diego, CA to Honolulu, HI

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David in Chula Vista, California

123 months ago

My wife and have been discussing the possibility of moving to Honolulu, HI. She has always wanted to move but I just can't get myself to leave San Diego. I love it here.
Would I fall in love with HI, as all I have seen are pictures and shows on TV. How is the job market in HI? Would a Mortgage Underwriter and Payment Processing Supervisor have an easy time finding work? Would we be able to find a house in a middle class neighborhood?

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121 months ago

Housing seemed fairly abundant and east to obtain, the two hardest issues for me are : to take my car, and what personal items to take. It is very expensive to ship household items. The vehicle was really reasonable 900.00, but a small container of household items started around 5,000.that's about a livingroom full. Also the vehicle takes 3 weeks to ship. I'm still undecided. I'm an xray tech and job opportunitys for me are on maui, and Kaui.and in Honolulu.HI is very beautiful I have some friends on Maui and I have traveled there 5 times. Summers are hot muggy, bugs, rust, rainy winters. But the laid back people and atmosphere are worth all of it.Incidently I also have a job offer in San Diego, any suggestions about relocating there?

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Gayle in Honolulu, Hawaii

119 months ago

I don't agree with uprooting yourself and moving to Honolulu, Hawaii. It is not all paradise and pay is not comparable to US mainland cities. Housing is expensive (if you can find a space) and while jobs are plentiful, the real estate boom appears to be downsiding, this means that homes are overpriced. Go to or and see.

Good luck.

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Pauline Medina in Tulsa, Oklahoma

116 months ago

Hi, My name is Pauline I grew up in Mazatlan, Mexico beautiful turistic port on the coast, my Major was Marine Biologist, because my dream is to work with discapacitate people kids and seniors, working with Delphins and giving therapy to this kids or people that have problems with movements, and behavioral problems, I know nurture specially this beautiful and Amazing Marine Animals are so sensitive and inteligent, I'm doing a research wich place in Hawaii will be my best choice, right next to the ocean, a decent apartment, house or duplex two story, good price in the middle you know... where is the best place to live, the best Ocean, kinda virgin, melow but also with night life at nights!! what's the range of living in Maui, Honolulu, or any other amazing Island, the best jobs available in this field, how much is the pay rate just to have and idea, good college to continue my master, and nice and warm people, great and fresh seafood, and nice, warm, humed, weather!! yes!! I don't mind mosquitoes, or humidity, as long is not not not very very hot hot, as in Mazatlan, just in the middle but I can Handle everything been beside the Ocean!!! I hope you can give me some advises, and whats the cost of a Rent in a simple apartment 1 room 1 bath, or 2 rooms, and two bath with a garage, and backyards for my pets... Thanks I will appreciate if you send me some detail info..
Sincerly Pauline Medina Lic. in Marine Biologist, and future franchiser.

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