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Employment Scam

I applied for plenty of jobs on Indeed.com. One way or another someone was able to retrieve my information for a job posting that was for Lubrizol. I...


Updated 19 days ago

Work from home - 1 Reply

I loss both my legs a year ago. I really want to work again but I am not ready to go public right now. I want to work at home, Every time a job is...


Updated 26 days ago

felon looking for work - 121 Replies

[QUOTE who="mlshaw67 in Houston, Texas"]so how can I get in contact with this person can you help me. Please email me at mlshaw67@yahoo.com[/QUOTE] ...


Updated 26 days ago

Work from Home - 154 Replies

[QUOTE who="txblondechk in San Antonio, Texas"]Yes,I have been working with this company since January and I love it. It really benefits my husband...


Any Houston workers in the oil industry looking to move back home to countries outside the US?

Hello, is anyone out there in the oil industry in Houston, but looking to move back home to a country outside the US? This is for a news story on...


Updated 1 month ago

Oil rig jobs based out of Houston - 1638 Replies

Have TWIC card & Forklift license just had a baby 3month ago then just lost everything In the flood in the Greenspoint area including my job because...

Shandra thompson

Hairstylist moving to Houston!

I'm moving to Houston ,Texas trying to build my clientele in the city. Check out my work on Facebook (shandra Thompson) on Instagram (d_experience)...

Shammer ross

Updated 2 months ago

Best companies to work for in Houston? - 63 Replies

Need help someone Shammah.Ross@Gmail.Com

Shammer ross

Need a Job

I Need more inof not ablr to talk to somebody.


Updated 2 months ago


To al the men who have been denied employment due to a pass conviction , you all need to right your government because texas is the only state thyat...

MUSTAFA kadhim in Texas, United States minor outlying islands

َQualifications of Petroluem Engineering

I would like to ask that I'm graguated from Baghdad University ( petroluem Engineer ) I had expereince 10yrs in Iraq in this feild & training...


Deferred felon looking for work lots of experience

Seeking employment. Off probation in August. TABC certified Experience with Freight, Register (POS and analog), Waiting Tables, Cook, Dishes, Cash...

AndreJ409 in Houston, Texas

Young Veteran Looking for Fresh Start

I have various skill-sets and experiences in the workforce (resume on request). Would anyone know of an occupation or job that could could provide...

BzC in Missouri City, Texas

Home Care Agency Franchise or Not

I am ready to work for myself! I am an experienced TX licensed registered nurse (BSN), and want the reward & flexibility that's possible with opening...

thiago brasil in Brazil

Updated 10 months ago

Help! - 2 Replies

Hello... I'm looking for a office job (for example: office assistant, clerical, or receptionist) without no experience, so entry-level. I have...

TexasComputerGeek in Houston, Texas

Become a Software Developer

Do you spend the next four years retraining your self or take a month to learn a software language that is needed today. This is a one month...


Updated 10 months ago

Why staffing agencies make so many mistakes? - 3 Replies

Is an insult to work with a freaking staffing agency...when you talk to them..they don,t have all the information about a job...i was sent to a...

dadarkside in Quantico, Virginia

Updated 11 months ago

Can't get a job - 8 Replies

I have applied with every company in Houston and the surrounding areas. I cannot get a job to save my live. I have a Bachelor's degree and I am...

In Houston TX in Fresno, Texas

Looking for work in Safety

Looking for contract work in the oil and gas field willing to travel 100% and overseas

Peterh2583 in Houston, Texas

Updated 12 months ago

Looking for feedback - 1 Reply

Hi everyone, I've created a resume site that I'm using whenever I apply for jobs. I was wondering if anyone could provide some feedback on it? I'm...

wn0810 in Katy, Texas

/ transition from RN to Legal Assistant

Hello, I am a Registered Nurse wanting to get out of the healthcare field. I am taking a Paralegal course online. I am looking for a position to...

techmax1 in Houston, Texas

Updated 13 months ago

Houston Jobs - 4 Replies

I see a lot of you on here are looking for places to work in Houston. Houston seems to be weathering the after affects of the recession more so than...

techmax1 in Houston, Texas


Hi, I'm Max I moved to Houston a few months ago, I'm an Electronic Technician, have worked in the field for more than 10 yrs., is been really hard...

chad in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Looking for local truck driving jobs

I am a truck driver for the past 5 years and am looking for a better paying jobs. I searched on https://www.everytruckjob.com/ and found a lot of...

Media Press in Houston, Texas

Hiring outside sales staff

We are currently interviewing sales staff in various cities, Houston being one of them. If you're a sales professional, we would like to know where...

Nurse Practitioner Jobs Houston tx in houston, United States minor outlying islands

Updated 16 months ago

nursing jobs in houston - 5 Replies

I have a family and a husband so it needs to be worth it and I need to carry the benefits. MY specialtys are IV nurse and pediattric oncology.

D.Warren in Dallas, Texas

Updated 20 months ago

Wan't To Be A Travel Agent? - 10 Replies

Become A Travel Agent and make money when you travel.All Occasions Traveling & Entertainment.

Syed in Houston, Texas

not getting the right job

I got my degree in accounting from University of Houston. BBA that is. I couldn't find a job or I didn't have the job experience necessary for an...

Semajt33 in Houston, Texas

Updated 22 months ago

Felons Really Looking for Work - 91 Replies

I'm seriously looking for employment. I have Geo-Seismic experience, I've been trained as a junior coodinater and observer. I've worked heli-port...


oil field jobs in texas

Hello, I have been looking to get into oil and gas for a long while. To this point I've been unsuccessful. I am looking doing whatever it takes to...

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 23 months ago

How is it possible that every company is a leader in the industry? - 1 Reply

Why is it that every single company posts things like "Industry leader", "Global leader", "Pioneer in X industry", "Number one in the X...

345573 285 in Houston, Texas

Updated 26 months ago

GIS Jobs in oil and gas (Houston) - 1 Reply

I am thinking of moving out to Texas to strike my fortune working with oil and gas GIS. Im 26 years old have a bachelors in Environmental Science,...

KimmyCole in Katy, Texas

Is this forum still active? Need JOB/CAREER advice ...asap =(

I am at a loss at what I want to do with my life. I am tired of not feeling fulfilled during my employment journey. I have a job right now. It is...

grnmadgbt51 in Pasadena, Texas

Updated 27 months ago

Employment after Retirement - 2 Replies

I am a retired Educator. I retired due to the illness of my spouse who is now deceased. I was left with medical bills as such. I have tried to regain...

Laurie Estrada in Ganado, Texas

Updated 30 months ago

How to get hired on an oil rig? - 2 Replies

I have been in oil and gas field for 5 years now. Some pipeline and some gas measurement. I am ready to get out of pipeline because it is more about...

Landman in Houston, Texas

Updated 30 months ago

Contract offer thru email from Acteon Group - 6 Replies

I have recieved a contract offer from Acteon group thru email... most of the correspondance has been thru email but i did recieve a call asking me...

ssillen in San Jose, California

Thinking of relocating, wondering what a MRI Technologist makes in Houston area

My husband and I are both Radiologic Techs (I do MRI). We currently live in San Jose, CA and are contemplating a move to Texas, in particular League...

Tyrone Barnes in Houston, Texas

Updated 34 months ago

Wanting to start a career offshore, but I have no experience. - 2 Replies

I am looking for a job on an offshore rig. roustabout or catering/janitor. I'll start anywhere as I have no experience in the oil industry. I am...

atul2007 in Mumbai, India

Looking to move/settle in Houston

My folks are in Houston Texas. I am a transaction banker from India wanting to move to Houston to be closer to my family. How can I get a...

FredHealth in Houston, Texas

Updated 36 months ago

Relocating to Houston - 1 Reply

I am a planning to relocate to Houston from Miami. I am in need of a job in order to find an apartment. I will be there for a week in August. Any...

derloris in Austin, Texas

Updated 37 months ago

Burned out Science teacher seeks new career - 6 Replies

I'm a go-getter, highly organized, creative as heck, and I have good inter-personal and writing skills. I can problem solve like nobody's business;...

Andrean Sah in Paris, France

Updated 38 months ago

Trading - 10 Replies

How does one begin a trading career in either Energy/Gas/Power? I have 5 years experience as an Analyst and trader in the Forex Spot market. I...

amoore351@yahoo. com in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 39 months ago

job search - 15 Replies

Iam looking for any kind of fultime employment can you help me

IT Dude in Sugar Land, Texas

Updated 39 months ago

starting over in Houston - 1 Reply

I found this website via a Google search about relocating to Houston. I haven't uploaded a resume or anything. I'll be arriving in Houston via...

Beth in Plano in Plano, Texas

Updated 39 months ago

Thinking about Houston - 1 Reply

I live in Pensacola and was working in Afghanistan until I almost was killed last summer. I came home and have not found any work over here. I do see...

alan headrick in Pace, Florida

Updated 39 months ago

Weather in Houston - 3 Replies

What are the seasons like in Houston? How do Houston dwellers cope?

alan headrick in Pace, Florida

Updated 39 months ago

Houston is dead now - 6 Replies

I have been hearing that Houston was the number 2 city for economic growth over the past year. I have seen Out of state plates daily. I was laid off...

Apricot12 in Houston, Texas

How to get into the non-technical oil and gas industry?

There's tons of jobs in the O&G industry that aren't engineering/technical related. I don't have an engineering background but in Houston this...

King Drea

moving to Houston

Hello !! I plan on moving to Houston next fall and I wanted to know what companies hire people out of state? I have a BA in Human Resource Management...

tony@*****.*** in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Updated 41 months ago

Taleo Website - 2 Replies


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