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justinhenderson in University City, Missouri

73 months ago

Gcbeehler great post!

I am a native St. "Louisan" that was in Houston for about 5 years and made the mistake of moving back home :/(long story...). My fiance and I have been talking about moving quite a bit in the last year, so we are beginning to plan now(super excited!). She has a teaching background and I a business management(accounts/analytics). I am also aspiring voiceover artist. I will definitely check out your job board! Thank you SO much!

-J. Henderson

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techmax1 in Houston, Texas

31 months ago

Hi Grant,

I could not find the link of Houston Companies, can you send it to me, thanks, Max.

Gcbeehler in Seabrook, Texas said: I see a lot of you on here are looking for places to work in Houston. Houston seems to be weathering the after affects of the recession more so than other places, so you're probably going to have much more successful here than say Las Vegas, NV or Tampa, FL.

I had moved to Houston back in late May from Washington, DC because my significant other wanted to be closer to her family (who live in Kingwood, TX) and she wanted to be come a school teacher. So, we quit our jobs up north (we told them months in advance) and planned the trip down. Luckily we were able to stay with her family until we got jobs and found an apartment . She got a job offer within three weeks (early June) and I got two offers in early July.

So, I hope this is an inspiration to you all searching for jobs. When I was looking for jobs I had put together a list of all the companies who have operations in Houston. Then I went through them one by one, checking to see if they had positions in Houston open now. Then I narrowed it down to what I could offer.

I wrote hundreds of resumes and cover letters. I got hundreds of mass rejection emails or no response at all. I actually still to this day, nearly 8 months later still get rejection emails, although I've been with my current employer and haven't applied to a single job since July.

Anyways, I put the list on my website, which I also had used to control my online presence. Where employers could see where I went to college and my previous employers, etc.

I'm sharing the link with you all in hopes it helps at least a few of you!


Good luck to all of you. I know the anxiety you're facing and I hope that it gets better for you and the rest of the nation.


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