Wanting to start a career offshore, but I have no experience.

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luisobarr in Deer Park, Texas

53 months ago

im a truck driver with some minimum construction safety expiriance

dr in New Orleans, Louisiana

53 months ago

neon3 in Lake Charles, Louisiana said: I am looking for a job on an offshore rig. roustabout or catering / janitor . I'll start anywhere as I have no experience in the oil industry. I am looking to start a career. I've been making calls and applying, but it seems the only way in is to have experience. I have been applying for onshore rigs as well, but they all want experience too. I don't know where to start and keep hitting dead ends. Any help would be highly appreciated.[/Q

There are some colleges in Louisiana that offer degrees for offshore work. Fletcher Community College offers an associates degree for offshore production. Nunez Community College has a
production operator degree. You can also apply for an internship offshore while taking classes. Hope this helps.

Tyrone Barnes in Houston, Texas

52 months ago

Need a job. Hard worker trying to make a change need to get away

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