what happened to all the jobs!

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almost hopeless in Mustang, Oklahoma

70 months ago

man, me an my ole'man moved to OK city 3 years ago because there were so many avaliable positions for welders-the money was GREAT AND THEN THE LAY-OFFS STARTED AND NOW WE CANT FIND A DECENT PAYING WELDING OR RIGGING JOB WITHIN 200 MILES. SHOULD WE GIVE UP ON IT AN JUST GO BACK TO SCHOOL AN TRAIN FOR SOMETHING ELSE AT 40 YRS. OF AGE? help please if u know anything about jobs in the metro area.

reserve1 in Warrenton, Virginia

70 months ago

Well I'm not shore about any jobs...but I do have this wonderful site you guys should check out...I've been signed up for some time now...maybe you should join to see if it is for you...I love the freedom it has given me and my family...join in at


God Bless and let me know how you like it:)

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