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hoe in Huntsville, Alabama

95 months ago

Can someone give me some advice. I have lived in Huntsville for almost 30 years. In that 30 years I have been to just about every job placement agency in Huntsville at one time or the other. With the exception of the State Employment Agency, they have all been worthless. Actually that is putting it mildly, they have been about as usefull as a screendoor on a submarine. The story is always the same, after they see my resume they tell me they have ton's of job's available, that fit me perfectly. Then when I leave I never hear from them. When I call them back, the majority of the time the don't remember me, or have lost me resume.Or they do remember me and they don't have anything for me, or they don't even get jobs in that fit my qualifications.I have a B.S in Business Administration and I have over 15 years in sales and management.The last 6 in Real Estate sales both commercial and residential. And the last four years I have been in Real Estate Appraisal.If I didn't have any education or experience I could understand, but I think I would make a good employee. Or at the least, I should look good on paper to an employer. The reason I am being so long winded is that as most of you know the economy has been up and down the past year and so has Real Estate. The past 6 to 8 month's have been very finacially trying on my family and I. So, I have made a decision to go back to a full time position where there is more job security. So it is very annoying and frustrating to have the door closed in my face at every so called employment agency in Huntsville. So if anyone out there has any advice or help for me, I would greatly appreciate it. Every person I have talked to says that headhunters are the most helpful, but I can't seem to locate any local that can help.

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sisi in Huntsville, Alabama

95 months ago

Good Luck in your search. I am in the same boat,been there,still am. I have signed up with at least 9 agencies, all they do is fill your head with empty promises. It's been 9 months and nothing to show for-when I call-which they only allowed one call per week- their answer is-we have nothing at the moment and they do not give time to ask anything else. And if they find you a job it's only minimum wage they give you, which they keep at least 4o% of your money.
My only concern is that they have copies of my ID's, SSC and I not confortable with that. I am thinking of moving to another state and hope for a better future. God Bless you.

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debi2005 in Harvest, Alabama

93 months ago

Sorry to hear your having such a hard time. If you have been here as long as you say then maybe this is not a new place for you to go. I had good luck at "Aerotek". If you need contact names I can get them for you.

Good Luck!!

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TB in Denver, Colorado

91 months ago

The best advice that I can give you is to be proactive. Forget about the employment agencies, search for jobs with Indeed.com. Look at each job announcement carefully and tailor your resume to that specific job. I lost my job of 21 years in 2007. After I began intensely searching, applying for everything available and saturating everyone with resumes,recruiters began to call me. i got several offers but after a couple of months, I got 3 very good job offers at the same time. I am now working the best job that I have ever had. The best thing is that I never had to leave the area. Have been in the Huntsville area for 30 years and hope to be here 30 more. Do not rely on someone else, do not rely on one standard resume, and never give up.

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jerryboyette in Jacksonville, Florida

66 months ago

I agree with TB. Indeed has been the best value for the time spent on line and you will spend a lot of time everyday for many hours looking for a job listing that will fit. I have been in Huntsville for 3 months and have not landed a job as yet but have a good feeling about some resumes that I have sent out. Indeed seems to cover the values and specifics you have to offer to an employeer.
As TB said, never give up. There is a job for everyone who tries hard enough to make it happen

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