Newcomer's guide to Indianapolis?

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What do newcomers need to know to settle in and enjoy Indianapolis? Car registration, pet laws, city services, more...

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Patsy in Indianapolis, Indiana

112 months ago

there are leash laws so if your pet is out and about it may be subject to being picked up by the pound. There have been some nasty pit bull attacks lately that have made officials propose to ban the breed but I seriously doubt if that ever gets off the ground.

City services mostly consist of trash pick up. In certain areas there is recycling but not everywhere and I can't fill you in on that since our area is not so much an area with recycling.

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lotr1967 in Franklin, Tennessee

111 months ago

Lived in Indiana for 39 years and out of that lived in Indianapolis for 9 years (up until last summer). I can tell you that the foreclosure rate in Indiana has skyrocketed and catapulted the state to the second highest in foreclosure rates. Property taxes continue to go up. The mayor of Indianapolis has managed to eliminate most of the police force so crime has skyrocketed. We lived in Franklin Township which used to be one of the nicest areas. When we built our home there in 2001 it was very safe. By the time we left last year, we had installed wooden bars to keep people from breaking into our home. We had to keep our garage door closed because Hispanics canvassed our homes. We had to call the police several times because of people sneaking around the houses. And when I say we, I mean not just us but our neighbors. Just let me tell you that between safety and economy, Indianapolis or anywhere in Indiana at this point, is just not worth the move. And it truly breaks my heart to say so. I graduated from college there and left my family and friends behind. And now most of them are looking for a way out as well. If you feel you must, at least wait until Mitch Daniels is out of office (and yes, I voted for him, worst mistake I ever made). He has drained the economy to the point of lifelessness.

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