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hussie in Jacksonville, Florida

49 months ago

I have been out of work for 3months now, do not want to b come unemployable.
Excellent skills and talents with customer service and administration background a ceritified Medical Asistant for over 21 yrs
It is a challenge, I have been on 6 interviews and 1 job was hired only to get a call back next day saying I am sorry cant hire u. Good news.. it was no fault of my own, but a very arkward situation.

mary in Tampa, Florida

49 months ago

Anyone who gets involved with an international company, BEWARE!!!
There are no international employment laws - hence, unlikely you will get paid.

There is no such thing as home typin and data entry.

mary in Tampa, Florida

49 months ago

There is no such thing as home typing and data entry.
In court reporting, home typing does exist. Most of the real corporate world, it does not.

Reaching Out in Jacksonville, Florida

5 months ago

I can recommend a small business
that is ready to hire part time.

They are looking for a medical background.

send your resume to mdbzconsult@aol.com

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