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Easy Rider0137 in Johnson city, Tennessee

92 months ago

I'd be interested in hearing about the best and worst of Johnson City's telemarketing/call center operations.

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countrybum in Johnson City, Tennessee

80 months ago

I so agree with the complaint about CITI. It is one of the friendliest places while you are in training but that changes the second you step on the floor.
I was so impressed with them and was told for 6 months how well I was doing at each monthly meeting with my supervisor.
Yet use your unplanned time up or take time off for family emergencies or you have to be hospitilized dues to an emergency and that all changes. Just use the time they give you and BAM the rope tightens. I had excellent work history, excellent evauls, yet I got jerked off the floor on night at 6 pm. and told to go home and reflect on my job. That I was to write a letter and present it the next day before I would be allowed to continue to work. All because I had used my unplanned time. Not by choice either. I had been hit from behind on my way home from work and missed time due to injuries, and had been in the hospital. Six days that the supervisor thought I could have avoided using.
Anyway they work it to their advantage for sure. I have saw a person fired for her cell phone being out while you can walk thru the floor and see 100 to 150 people at any given time texting, playing games on theirs. She happen to have already been an employee for aprox. 10 yrs. and had been out on a injury case. Brought back and made to go thru training all over when she had helped setup most of the systems to start with or been in on the quaility of them. She was not on the floor a month and she was gone. Anyone who works for CITI should be prepared to play the game, be a politician is all I am saying. For some it is a wonderful place to work for the rest of us it is a slap in the face.

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john in Johnson City, Tennessee

80 months ago

I have to disagree with the other comments. CITI is a great place to work. The pay is better than any other call center in town, they offer flexible schedules that YOU write, and the benefits are very good. The atmosphere is very friendly and mostly positive. The people who wrote those other reviews didn't tell you that CITI offers plenty of time off for sicknesses, etc., and that like any work site they have to warn you if you are missing work all the time. I am work there now, I am NOT a manager, and I strongly recommend you check it out. You'll be glad you did!

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countrybum in Johnson City, Tennessee

80 months ago

I don't disagree with your comment I was only stating my experience. I do believe citi has some wonderful managers I DID NOT have one of those. Yes you are told about the flexible work hours also, although my supervisor did not believe in that either. We where told in training we could bid on hours pretty quickly and again he would not allow that. I am not some young chick who took off work at the drop of a hat. I worked over time on my Sundays off, I worked early when they needed I volunteered for many things, and got others dumped in my lap, such as of your working late go clean the office that was used for a party, oh lets see we wrapped gifts today in that office go clean it for us. The only thing according to this supervisor I did wrong was USE my unplanned time. Well according to evryone else including personell and other supervisors that is what unplanned time is MINE. I damn sure did not use it for anything fun. A car wreck, not my fault if your interested and a bad reaction to medication where as I was having difficulty breathing and had to leave work for the hospital. Thats it. NO tardiness, no calling in every Monday or Friday because I didn't want to work. My performance was outstanding on every monthly meeting. I just feel all supervisors should play by the same rules and it was said more times than I can count that this ONE bad apple was the exception and said by his equals. thanks

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ghostrider in Johnson City, Tennessee

70 months ago

Easy Rider0137 in Johnson city, Tennessee said: I'd be interested in hearing about the best and worst of Johnson City's telemarketing/call center operations.

Unless you enjoy doing meth, xanax, and drinking heavily on the job, stay away from ACT.

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pissedoffandmad in Elizabethton, Tennessee

69 months ago

i worked at ACT for three weeks. worked my butt off cause i liked my job and wanted to keep it. They told my that things was bad with sales but my job was safe then fired me the sameday over my sales. while there i started drinking that place is bad.

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hatedact in Kingsport, Tennessee

63 months ago

yes avoid ACT at all cost. the only reason everyone is hired there is bc they do not drug test and they work you like a slave and ppl get fed up and quit. i had a death in my family and let my supervisor know everyday that i was gone she did not answer the phone any of the days i called to let her know and everyday i left her a message on her machine. i call her the day i was coming home and she said i was a "no call no show" for 3 days and that i no longer had a job. but i was so fed up w working there anyways i enjoyed the job i just didn't enjoy being worked to death they hire so many people bc as quick as they hire ppl that many ppl quit. i was suppose to work 8am-5pm i never not one day in the month i worked there got off at 5pm i always works 8-7 or 8-8 even one night i worked 8-10 stay away from ACT the labor board should get on their butts.

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JAMDEEM in Johnson City, Tennessee

62 months ago

YES AVOID ACT. I had a really good manager then one day (since i was doing well) i went up the todem pole and got a new manager... she was such a bi^ch and i put up with her for 3 months day after day and then finally i got fed up. she told me to stay over like many other days, not ask.....but TELL so i stood up screamed "kiss my a**" then threw my headset at her from about 4 or 5 cubicals away and didnt even bother getting my last pay check from the staffing agency. lol AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ashton in Johnson City, Tennessee

37 months ago

I agree with the fact that ACT is not a place you want to work for a very long time. They are very unprofessional and I would classify that job as "last resort". I worked for CenturyLink for two years, and the hours were horrible. The pay is good, but there are way too many levels of management and they make you feel like a criminal if you are two points away from your goals. I was promoted within the company after one year of employment and regretted that decision two days after I took it. If you decide on CenturyLink then be sure you are staying in the sales department. If you can sell then you can do very well there. The schedule is mainly what caused me to have to go because it is impossible to have a family and work there. I am currently interviewing with Citigroup and have heard mixed things about the company. I am someone that can take quite a bit and stays to myself so I believe I may do well with this company. Please if anybody knows how the schedules work at Citi, I would love to have more information on how scheduling works. Thanks so much!

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17 months ago

I agree about ACT. I had been there for almost 3 yrs. Was told that we will get an annual review and a raise. The department that I worked in dropped the ball and never did my annual review. I was transferred to a different department over a year after being hired. Still tried to get my annual review done by the original department and it was never done. Was told by the lovely HR department that they will double what the new department is going to give for a raise. Was not in the new department long enough to get my numbers where they needed to be to get a raise. That was the 2nd year I was knocked out of a raise. Had to take some fmla to take care of my sick mom and dad for about 3-4 days. Because of that my check was short and I lost my car and my place to live. Notified my ops manager to let them know that I had to take time off from work to pack and move. The only thing they cared about was the deviations and that the fmla had not been approved yet, and once it had been approved some of the deviations would have come off but they fired me anyway.

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