Job search in Kalamazoo?

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What are the best local job boards, job clubs, recruiters and temp agencies available in Kalamazoo?

kathy verile in Jacksonville, Florida

63 months ago

I am looking for a retail job.

Magster99 in Kalamazoo, Michigan

52 months ago is the way to access jobs listed in the Kalamazoo Gazette. has lots of jobs. Also check Battle Creek and Grand Rapids as they are within an hours drive of Kalamazoo. The Michigan talent bank also has jobs for the entire state (search from For a retail job, go to Snagajob has the mall,restaraunt and fast food jobs.

The market is tight here. Many people have been out of work for over a year. Good luck!

Cindy Anderson,Whitney in Battle Creek, Michigan

50 months ago

I,m moving back to Kalamazoo. I hold a CDL,BPS 20yrs. Drove school bus 20 yrs, City Metro, ect. I've worked in the class room's now for, regular ed., & special need's. Looking for job in Kalamazoo. I'm great with public service, adult's & children of any age. KRESA, after school program's, metro,ect. Please e-mail.,, Thank you

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