Relocate to Vegas

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jasdell in Portland, Oregon

75 months ago

Can anyone tell me what areas are best (safe) to look for reasonable priced places to live with pets (dogs) and what the job market is like. There are no jobs up here and I am running out of time on my unemployment. Am thinking of relocating to Vegas can you tell me what it is like living in Vegas and where to look to find a good paying position? I have been and EA (Executive Assistant) and am a Jill of all Trades and have a a very extensive background in many venues...Thanks

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John in Las Vegas, Nevada

75 months ago

Horrible. Second highest unemployment rate in the nation. Don't come here, I'm sure it's better where you're at.

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Ray in Vanda, Finland

74 months ago

I lived in both Portland and Vegas, they were and are damn nice places both! It's that recession that's changed a lot, it sounds like for you, it might be real hard to get a job in Vegas? Not sure though! Have you been thinking of Houston? I've heard that it's not that bad situation there, i must say that i've never been to Houston but i think it'd be a great town too! In all, i lived in 8 States and it was just great everywhere out there! And in Vegas, i was living there starting from mid 90's and it was A BOOM TOWN!! There was so much work that it might have been like a world record?! It was like too good to be true, but so true! I lived mostly on the westside, 1st.time in Spring Valley, in -96 i used to go to 7/11 early in the morning at Flamingo n' Buffalo and at that time in that area there was nothing else thowrds west but sand, that was the end of the city! Actually 1st.time i ever visited Vegas was in 1987 but i only stayed for few days! One of a kind city in the world and a great place to live, at least then it was! But so was Portland! (and the rest of the States)

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