looking for work alittle older than 22

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Audrey in Las Vegas, Nevada

109 months ago

Hi I have been living in Las Vegas off and on for 30 years and now i cant seem to get a job im not sure if it's because im now older,but if anyone knows of a waitress job in the vegas area PLEASE let me know

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Camille in Sparta, New Jersey

107 months ago

Hi Audrey,
My name is Camille Re and I am working with a Multi Million Dollar International Marketing Company, and we are expanding into Vegas.

I would like to invite you to a Professional Business introduction that my business partner and I will be flying in for on May 21, 2008 at the Pacific Asian Plaza in Las Vegas.

Please call me if you are interested so we can discuss reserving a seat for you. My cell number is [Edited by Host] and my home number is [Edited by Host]

Thank you,

Camille Re

PS. Please note that we are not a multi level marketing company or any pyramid. This is a business that is expanding into the Vegas area and worth looking into.

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Ashlee in Las Vegas, Nevada

106 months ago

Hi Audrey:

I am looking for a job also and been in town since 1973. I'm over 40 and its just very hard to find work. I don't like to think that it is discrimation but when you qualify what else is it? My thought is CAN YOU OR CAN YOU NOT? Is their any thing else? It's a new world out there and of course for the young like when we were young. Now we have more to bring to the table much more so I would think in my opinion that would count. I haven't figured out what the employers think yet. I guess I have the hidden secret but can not say openly. Email me when you can Good Luck Ashlee

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leila.darling@*****.*** in Washington, District of Columbia

100 months ago

Hi Ashlee in Las Vegas: difficulty to get jobs after 40 It is Politics, its the way Republicans and Democrats work. Its a geo-political mistake after forties. It happens with me too. Maybe to become self-employed will do. we cant fire all senators and put new ones on the Capitol. Maybe work abroad or in the Peace Corps will do. I know it is a surprise to be qualified and not be able to find job. Reduce your resume to five referrals only. Act new. Consult with Seniorsjobs.com in your area. Let me know if you got new ideas and share them with me. There are people that are surrogates( forced) so others(the super rich) can control the media cicle., for free. Thats why there is Veterans Day and the VP put a wreath of roses on the Unknown Souldiers. Its us.. the old ones.Go to South of Brazil, you will find a lot of information on the ground, from the time of Popes and Kings. Its all man-made. Thank God there is the Almighty looking after us. Las vegas = LV=lo ve; lava= wash, like washington.
Good luck,

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swetapanda in Columbia, Maryland

100 months ago

Do you have any vacaancy for software testing?

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