Newcomer's guide to Medford?

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What do newcomers need to know to settle in and enjoy Medford? Car registration, pet laws, city services, more...

Howard in Round Rock, Texas

116 months ago

Considering moving to Medford area and want to know areas to look for in terms of housing, activities, etc.

Tracee in Redding, California

115 months ago

i want to know some information i come from summers of 100 thru 120 can't do this anymore but don't want tons of rain so if someone could fill me in on oregon

KaylaV27 in Eugene, Oregon

109 months ago

Oregon seems like your cup of tea then Tracee. Summers are around 90 to 95 generally. We do get rain, but only from the end of November through February or early March, and it doesnt rain all through out these months, just here and there. Medford is known for having all four seasons, and that tends to be the reason alot of people enjoy it here. Hope that helped.

Kim P. in Medford, Oregon

105 months ago

Howard in Round Rock, Texas said: Considering moving to Medford area and want to know areas to look for in terms of housing, activities, etc.

I have lived in Medford for 30 + years. The water is good and there is a lot to do here. Not as much as a large town however. There is skiing right by, water and snow. There are lakes nearby and and rivers. Swimming and rafting are great. The fishing is good. The Shakespeare theatre is nice. Several people such as Stacey Keach and Anette Benning were players at the beginning of their careers. It is quite well known for it's acting.. Crater Lake is close by and the ocean about a 2 + hr. drive. Ginger Rogers did live here until she passed. There is Southern OR State College, and Rogue Community College. Jacksonville is great for history and great dining. Ashland is known for it's culture and dining. There are concerts in the summer. If you like to hike you are in a great area. Ride in a hot are baloon. Totally awesome. One can find about any range of housing costs. (Especially now.) Several films have been made around the area.There are actors and actresses who have property here. The crime rate here is quite low. (I did work for the sheriff's dept. at one time. My husband is a dispatcher for 911 and most calls are for domestic calls.) Vineyards are going in because they do very well with this climate. There are a lot of retired people in this area. I really cannot say much bad about here. People must like it here because the area is growing quick.

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