What are the best neigborhoods in Memphis?

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Allen Whitten in Netherlands

3 months ago

@gary, et al

...."people there are so warm and kind...." ???

What? I was glad to leave Memphis. I regretted moving to such a backward thinking environment. People are "obligatorily friendly" out of tradition. They don't really mean it whatsoever. It's BOGUS.

Memphis is at least 20 years behind cities like Atlanta, or Dallas.

Gee, Memphis is about 15 years behind NASHVILLE. Nashville is certainly becoming a leading southern city...quickly. Memphis is as bad as BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA which got dust put in its face by Atlanta decades ago, and has never really recovered...no really.

I would not tell anyone who has anything on the ball to deliberately CHOOSE to move to Memphis TN.

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Allen Whitten in Netherlands

3 months ago

Memphis is too close to MISSISSIPPI. Who on earth would really want to live in Mississippi in the first damn place? MISSISSIPPI? You also have stupid people moving out of Memphis to live in Mississippi right across the line in places like Olive Branch, and Southaven...how dumb can you get ? Tennessee doesn't HAVE an INCOME TAX, and Mississippi DOES, so a person is going to drive 5 minutes across the line to live in a State with an INCOME TAX? and also a horrible reputation?? high vehicle registrations fees ?? high sales taxes as well? now that's pretty stupid, but that's the mentality.

Memphis has horrible public schools as well. Inferior shopping..unresponsive ignorant government actors...ignorant electorate and the list goes on and on.

There are paid cheerleaders for dumps like Memphis and Birmingham all over the web! They HAVE to pay people to fabricate positive things about these primitive cities like Memphis. You ought to read some of the phony boosterism on sites such as city data.com and yelp and tripadvisor. Lots of hyperbole and barefaced lies and sugarcoating of issues such as crime, racism, bad public school, bad government, inferior amenities and so forth. It's almost laughable to anyone who has actually moved to Memphis and worked there.

I'm glad I'm finally out.

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Bobbie Newman in Los Angeles, California

3 months ago

Memphis is the worst!
Worst move I ever made. I loved my career and responsibilities and I met some nice people for sure, but Memphis is NOT a city I would spend my life in!
Why? I'm not in love with the west coast but there are so many southern cities and other coastal cities in the south (and inland ones) that offer much more; educationally and socially.
Just pick any one of the following and you'll be in a better place than Memphis Tennessee.

1) Nashville - yep in the same state as Memphis- night and day

2) Charlotte

3) Raleigh Durham

4) Spartanburg/Greenville

5) Huntsville, AL - great, smart, NORTH AL city

6) Tampa-St Pete-Clearwater

7) Sarasota-Manatee

8) Ft Myers/Bonita Springs/Cape Coral

9) Atlanta suburbs

10) Asheville-Cary

In the Memphis region, I would even choose a place like Little Rock
or "Northwest Arkansas" over living in Memphis TN or anywhere in west Tennessee.

SKIP living in Memphis if you can. There are simply too many other and better options. Memphis is not some cutting edge, leading southern or national city. Don't waste your time like I did. Many people told me 'oh you'll love it', and it's a great place to live, etc. It depends on what you're used to I guess, but my standards and expectations were not met at all.

Memphis doesn't even have an excellent GROCERY STORE in the suburb I lived it. KROGER? they were horrible !!!

PUBLIX and TRADER JOE's is not even located in Memphis, but they did decide to expand in Nashville !! And no Wegman's either.

If it tells you anything, PUBLIX and Trader Joe's does not have Memphis TN on their 5 year expansion plans either. They must know the truth like I do about how slow and behind Memphis truly is, or they would be all over the million-plus population. Trader Joe's already has a store in Austin, and tiny Sarasota FL. How much greasy nasty "Memphis BBQ" and fat-laden Gus' Fried Chicken can you eat?

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