Weather in Montgomery

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What are the seasons like in Montgomery? How do Montgomery dwellers cope?

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Ros in Montgomery, Alabama

111 months ago

From North to Montgomery, Alabama the weather is the allure with mild winters and early "hot" summers. The temperature range is January-April 65-80s light jacket sunny days, some rain without feeling humid. April-October low 80-90s hot, sunscreen, shades, flip flops, shorts. Since the sun is up early and down late the nights stay warm but the difference is no humidity like up north so your clothes don't stick to you. If you want to exercise go in the morning or at night. Go to the mall, sit at the pool, take a drive with the AC on stay in doors. Drink Sweet tea or some fluids often and smile everyone else does. People are amazing at adapting to environment, when I went back up north I was cold. They say your blood will thin in a warm climate and get thick in a cold one maybe that is true.

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Bubba in Auburn, Alabama

70 months ago

Whomever gave the discription of the weather in Montgomery OBVIOUSLY had not been raised in Alabama. It is hot as h e double hockey sticks for the whole of summer, and humidity is ususlly in the 90-something percent range.But the winters are really nice,even though I have seen the temps in the teens for very brief periods more than once in my life time.

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