Moving to Murfreesboro - how did you get here?

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Where did you come from? How did you move here? What would you do different now?

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Joni in Bell Buckle, Tennessee

107 months ago

I am in the country now. I came to Murfreesboro 4 years ago from San Diego, CA. I drove here to move in with a friend. What would I do different? I would have kept myself in California. Tennessee is beautiful but it has not been kind to me. I have been robbed a woman ran a red light and totalled my car which in turn I got screwed by the lawyer and the insurance company. Now I find myself having to look for work to keep my place and try to save to get back home.

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Butch in the boro in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

104 months ago

I am sooo sorry to hear of this in the Boro!
I reside in the boro. I moved here over 4 years ago.
Still though I haven't found a job that pays much but then again it might depend on ones own occupation desired of the salary situation.
Still back to Nashville for a chump change job.
Industry should pay more here but I guess this is the American way.
But then again I hope a robber isn't dumb emough to try that on me.
I might be in one of those local orange jump suits any words.

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