Up and coming jobs in New Haven

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What jobs are on the rise in New Haven?

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Suzette in New Haven, Connecticut

117 months ago

Where are the Jobs in New Haven????

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kv2 in New Haven, Connecticut

111 months ago

In New Haven, it's very hard to find a good
New Haven and much of the northeast rely on it's old backward thinking, that "it's not
what you know, but who you know"

employers here are very race and gender
orientated. they hire people based on the way they look and how they think they might
act on the job.
For example, most employers think that
women are more trustworthy than men
or they'll hire blackwomen instead of black-
men, because their afraid of them, and they
can say " hey look, we hire minorities"
the only easy jobs you'll find here are,
fast-food and retail jobs- new haven needs to CHANGE!!!!!!

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snoobie in New Haven, Connecticut

95 months ago

calvin gibbs in New Haven, Connecticut said: you can't even find a job in new haven the mayor[destfano] cares more about mexicans who don't belong here than the people who was born and raised here. thats why there no job here anyway. im a black ex con who change his life but still can't get a job because of so call background check. but a mexican could have a record and still get hire cause he or she could use any name. the mayors give them i.d. cards so they can say there any body. this town and its mayor suck.

I hear you Calvin. I too am an ex-con who is trying so hard to find work. I too have changed my life around but they still hold you down. How are we supposed to be productive citizens when they won't give you a half a chance. Background checks are the reason and definitely make all the difference. It's hard.

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stevenvinas in BETHANY, Connecticut

95 months ago

New Haven is dry and nothing without YALE. Im sorry I cant help

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kv2 in New Haven, Connecticut

94 months ago

To Steve.

yale is a double-edge-sword, it benefits the community in some ways
but, Yale is more cons than pros, its also a big blood-sucker on New Haven. for example, yale dosen't pay taxes, think how much better new haven would be with all that extra revenue.
most yalies are from another state or country, they don't care about new haven, most don't even like new haven, they trash the place and leave..
Have you ever seen the cops harassing a bunch of drunken yale students downtown at night??

Now what do you think the answer would be if those same drunken
people were black... YALE SUCKS THE BIG ONE!!!!!

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