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TASHA in New York, New York

Updated 81 months ago

HHA Jobs In New york - 1 Reply

DO they check for Misdemeanors? or just felonys?

Kunal in Newark, New Jersey

Updated 82 months ago

Raisers Edge Training in NYC (reporting & Quires) - 2 Replies

I am seeking a person who can train me on RE7 queries, exports and reports via crystal. I do know Raisers Edge...but need more training in these...

ohyeahitsme in Bronx, New York

Updated 82 months ago

Beacon Hill Staffing Group in NY - 3 Replies

Anyone had any experience with this staffing agency in New York City? Is it any good? Any information would be helpful thanks!

Ashara in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 84 months ago

Whats NYC like to live in? - 3 Replies

So whats it like in NYC? I am in Manchester UK where gun crime is rife but we can't buy one to fight back. Should I move there?

daryl in Rochester, New York

Updated 86 months ago - 1 Reply

Hey guys does anyone have any info on this company? Is it legit...All responses would be greatly appreciated

Silvija in Osijek, Croatia

Updated 86 months ago

Is finding a job in NYC easy? - 2 Replies

Hi,It is Can from TX. I normally live in Turkey and I study in industrial engineering in Middle East Technical University. I came to the USA with the...

Chad Metzner in Roslyn, New York

Device protection insurance sales

I'm currently run a business door to business door service that mainly serves barbers and hair dressers. I smoke, and recently I bought one of those...

Nanlisa in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

Wedding Planner Assistant Position Desired

Ms. Angela R. Jones Dear: Sir, Madame I learned that the best way to achieve success was to motivate the resources I had...

TJC in New York, New York

Updated 90 months ago

College necessary to be a secretary? - 7 Replies

Why is a college degree needed to be a secretary/receptionist/typist? What ever happened to life experience and good old fashioned common sense? I...

H Wallis in New York, New York

Updated 90 months ago

Finance Consulting & Other Short-term Finance Work - 1 Reply

So I have experience in finance and I've heard that in this economy some of the only jobs available are consulting, project, temporary or whatever...

esuccess in Brooklyn, New York

Anyone work from home?

I am looking to network with other individuals in this arena. No spam. I just want to know what is legitimately working for people in the...

strux in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 92 months ago

certifications - 1 Reply

on every job interview I have been going on it seem like everyone is looking for certifications I have 15 to 20 years experience in the maintenance...

nyc4life in Springfield Gardens, New York

Updated 93 months ago

Why do nyc hair salon assistants only make 5.00an hr? - 2 Replies

I'am just saying .....because their job is very demanding. They do allot of work for the stylist and don't get great tips. At the end of the day ...

JJPAUL in New York, New York

Updated 97 months ago

New York causes and charities - 6 Replies

What causes do people in New York care about. Where are the volunteer opportunities?

rodney in Brooklyn, New York

maintenance jobs in newyork

I believe that most maintenance jobs are very important in the world today.Because building all over or communiyties are falling apart,but most of...

nimmysnv in Indore, India

Updated 98 months ago

What Gov't jobs are hiring--USPS, MTA, etc - 4 Replies

Anyone know? I'm a senior studying finance but need a temp job at least very quit. I can't work for mim. wage. Thanks for any imput.

Alan in Union, New Jersey

Room for Rent in Jackson Heights, Queens...15 minutes to LGA!

I am looking for flight attendant who is interested in a room in Jackson Heights, Queens. The apt is in a great location and its only 15 minutes to...

CharlieMacNYC in Brooklyn, New York

Career Training & Job Placement Assistance

Human Resource Generalist/State Certified Instructor is seeking to help others get required training in Security, Health & Safety. (Security Training...

dean williams in Rockaway Park, New York

looking for work asap

looking for work asap willing to work any hours

SUSAN in Ghana


i want to know how fast ican earn a job in the U.S EW YORK TO BE PRECISE


In search of Jobs

Hello! I am an international student from Mali Republic who seeking for jobs in New York City. I am not currently in American territory but I...

Chad in Columbia, Missouri

Registered Health Care Information Certification...R.H.I.A. jobs in NYC?

I'm pursuing my R.H.I.A. certification at the moment, and will be relocating to NYC within the next year. I'm wondering what the job market is like...

laia in Barcelona, Spain

Help me to find a job for three months in summer

Hi, I am a spanish girl and I am 21 years old. Next summer I want to come to NY for learning more english and work (three months more or less). I am...


Looking to use my L/A/H License again

I am in the market looking for a position in Insurance, preferably health, accident insurance my forte. Would enjoy working in Manhattan...

alan hardy in Bangor, Pennsylvania

job search

hi, I have been out of a job since Sept 08, and am actively seeking employment my brief job history has been Securities/Investment as a telex ,...

MR in Tarrytown, New York

Updated 104 months ago

NY options for those that lost their health insurance - Cobra - Healthy NY - 1 Reply

Due to the recent passing of the Federal American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA), several changes have been made to COBRA Benefits. An...

Gráinne in Gaillimh, Ireland

Summer work

Hey, can anyone help me I'm going over to New York on the 1st of June and I'm looking for a job. I'm currently finishing my final year in...

rezky in Jakarta, Indonesia

Updated 104 months ago

job search - 6 Replies

help me find a job. I'm a foreign licensed & registered pharmacist. I am allowed to work here in U.S I am waiting for approval to take the licensing...

Bosco in Orlando, Florida

Updated 105 months ago

head chief judge/ RESUME - 1 Reply


John Whalen in Wayland, Massachusetts

Updated 106 months ago

Employment - 1 Reply

Help me find a job in footwear industry

John Whalen in Wayland, Massachusetts

Updated 106 months ago

Need a job! - 5 Replies

Moving to New York in July and really want to get a job before I arrive. Im a waitress and a bargirl. I have a lot of good qualities like computer...

gigant in Waterloo, Ontario

Updated 106 months ago

unemployment benfit question - 4 Replies

Hi, I have been collecting UI benefit for a month; The State lent me a letter indicating where the closest Job Center is but has not yet sent...

loon in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 106 months ago

Sock Associates - 2 Replies

Hello, It me maureen I need a job stock associates

Grant013 in New York, New York

Updated 107 months ago

Relocating to NY - 2 Replies

Hello to all, I am relocating w/family to nyc in about a month. My husband had a great job offer. Unfortunately I need to quit my job and I hate...

Billy Stokes in, Mississippi

Ship Fitters and Marine Structural Welders

S/F began at thirty an hour and S/W began at twenty eight an hour. If you have five years ship building experience in ship building, structural...

Billy Stokes in, Mississippi

Ship Fitters and Marine Structural Welders

S/F began at thirty an hour and S/W began at twenty eight and hour. If you have five years ship building experience in ship building, structural...

Peter Kingswood in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Updated 107 months ago

Training for assessment - 1 Reply

Hi is it possible that you can increase your IQ by doing lot's of tests?? I found this site and they make it apear that you can...

anthony cllndr in Merchantville, New Jersey

Updated 107 months ago

job search - 3 Replies

I have been looking for work for over a year now. I live in Merchantville,N.J I have been on a lot of interviews but it always comes back nothing....

Jdrefahl in Brooklyn, New York My site has everything one would need in order to set up an interview with me. You can review my: Cover letter,...

Barbara in Hicksville, New York

Vascular ultrasound schools and jobs in NY

I'm currently in L.I.U. for vascular ultrasound, i was wondering if anyone has any info about the best schools in the NY and job opportunities.

S in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Updated 108 months ago

Finding jobs/Sponsorship in NY - 1 Reply

Hi, Are there any specific websites that deal with candidates from overseas wanting to come and work in the US/NY? Has anyone had experience of...

Kathleen Reuther in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Help connect to Recruiters at Law Firms

I'm seeking to continue my legal career in at congenial mid-town Manhattan law firm where I can utilize my civil litigation, medical malpractice,...

Lizzy16 in Stamford, Connecticut

Number of people filing for unemployment is dropping

i was pretty psyched to read this so i figured i'd share. this article says that the number of people filing for unemployment benefits is...

iris in New York, New York

Updated 108 months ago

What are the best neigborhoods in New York? - 1 Reply

Where is the good life? For families? Singles?

Indeed Help in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 108 months ago

seeking a position for a certified medical assistant - 1 Reply

my resume is on file and looking forward to work as a medical assistant in the field that I'm qualified for can anybody help me in the...

Irish Boy in London, United Kingdom

Working in NWY and get out of the UK

Hi Guys i am currently looking at work in NWY as i spent xmas there last year and loved the city. I am a director in the UK within recruitment whats...


Updated 110 months ago

Need a job desperatly - 1 Reply

I desperatly need to find a job. I have been out of work 8 months now... I have done everythng possible to secure a job, permanent and/or contract.I...

valdimir in Brazil

Updated 110 months ago

Save up to 20% on your monthly electricity bill - 1 Reply

I want to save my money. Anyone using their service? Could you say a little bit about it? Look at

brain in Brooklyn, New York

Divine Connecttions Tri-state Jobs does anyone know where I can obtain a copy?

Hi: My name is Diamond can anyone help me find a copy of a CD called Divine Connections tristate jobs? I would appreciate any information or...

Maciek in Piastów, Poland

work as VAT consultant in NYC

Hi, I am senior tax consultant in one of big4. I would like to move to NYC for a couple of months. Could you please send me some web sites where I...

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