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Mandeville in Seaford, New York

Health Administration/Health Management Job or Internship

Recent Health Administration/HM student without health experience seeking an administration position in the health field. If you have knowlege of any...

NotSettling in Lake Norman, North Carolina

Updated 27 months ago

Who would want to hire me? - 10 Replies

I have been out of college for almost two years now. I am 24 and have a Bachelor of the Arts in communication studies from a state university. I am...

flynn in New York, New York

Updated 27 months ago

Job search in New York? - 35 Replies

What are the best local job boards, job clubs, recruiters and temp agencies available in New York?

CravateLover in Pleasanton, California

Need Career Advice for Language/Culture Lover

Hello all, I am a 24 year old with a passion for foreign languages, cultures, and anything international. From 13 years of age I began studying...

Laurentius in New York, New York

Kenyon & Kenyon: Has anyone ever interviewed on a legal secretarial level and do they administer any pre-employment testing?

Also, if you have any insights on the culture within the firm it would be helpful.

HopefulGuy in New Jersey

Updated 31 months ago

Any help out there for the mentally challenged hard/loyal workers who've had NO luck with YAI, FEGS, or other agencies?? - 2 Replies

I'm desperately trying to help to young men (one of them has been of them have been unemployed for over a year now, and both who have speech...

ricardo in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Updated 31 months ago

anyone kNow of reliable HHA companies? - 1 Reply

i got my HHA certificate back in july and immediately found a job with a company in queens at first it seened great but then i realized tht...

Misswifie in Brooklyn, New York

Starting a healthcare career in new york city

is question is for anyon that works in healthcare in new york city. How did you start your career?

John Wright in Torrance, California

Updated 33 months ago

Short training that gets jobs? - 2 Replies

Has anyone done job training that go them a job?

NGIndeed in Port Washington, New York

What kind of Salary to Expect for a Senior Engineer in NYC at a Startup?

I'm going to be interviewing for a Senior Engineering role in Manhattan next week and want to do some homework on compensation in case the...

NGIndeed in Port Washington, New York

Updated 35 months ago

Engineering Jobs in NYC? - 1 Reply

Any suggestions for someone looking to relocate and find a decent engineering job in new york? Or does engineering not have a large presence over...

SerenityNow in Aliso Viejo, California

Updated 37 months ago

A fresh Start in New York City. - 2 Replies

I'm an English man. Currently looking for a fresh start, I've recently come back from travelling Australia and still hate living and working in my...

Abhi in San Mateo, California

Updated 37 months ago

Good interview, sent a thank you... Now what? - 1 Reply

I had an interview last week that seemed to have gone really well. The creative director who interviewed me said that she liked many things about my...

Camie Gontier in New York, New York

Updated 37 months ago

Need a Merchant/Product Development Assistant experience - 1 Reply

Hi, I am currently working for a Jewelry manufacturer in New York as a Sales Assistant while I attend Parsons, The New School for Design. I am...

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 42 months ago

Employment Discrimination for Individuals over 55 - 1 Reply

I have been searching for a job after after being laid off o jan 28, 2011. I did various courses and gain security guard licence, fire guard license,...

YoungAndJaded in New York, New York

Updated 42 months ago

Had a third interview on Wednesday, what now? - 1 Reply

I had my third interview with a company I'm very excited to work for. The process has been going on for well over a month now. This interview was...

euri medina in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 43 months ago

Job Search - 5 Replies

My name is Luciano , and im looking for a job in N.Y.C as a handyman, bellman , or doorman. I am a very strong , hard working person , and I speak...

Anon in New York, New York

Updated 45 months ago

Up and coming jobs in New York - 25 Replies

What jobs are on the rise in New York?

syndy in Phoenix, Arizona

new to new york and want to find a cosmetology school

i am currently looking for a cosmetology school in new york, near nyc, but i am having some trouble. i wanted to go to either paul mitchell or toni...

kenneth McCammon in New York, New York

Updated 46 months ago

Method to apply for jobs - 1 Reply

I'm looking for a job at a larger bank in NYC, is it better to use a recruiter or apply to company's websites.

KATE LAOS in Sydney, Australia

Updated 46 months ago

Substance Abuse counselor in NYC - 4 Replies

Does anyone know of hospitals or outpatient substance abuse centers in New York City that sponsor Foreign Nationals for a Sustance Abuse counselor...

Ava Goodwin in San Francisco, California

Updated 46 months ago

Engineering in and around New York City - 1 Reply

Hello all, I'm a recent graduate with a first class honors B.E in Electrical Power Systems and have just moved to NYC. I was wondering if anyone here... in Mount Vernon, New York

Internal messenger and Label Maker jobs

If you can find offices that need an Internal Messenger and Label Maker that can also make shipping logs for Fed Ex , Ups and Dhl the three major...

Nika5 in Praha, Czech Republic

Looking for international relations/politics job or internship in NY

How difficult is it for a European student with a masters's degree from Cambridge to find a job or a paid internship in NY? Can you recommend me any...

DingDong in New York, New York

Moving for company employee to self consultant

I'm working for a financial software company in NYC for the last 4 years, as a system architect. Lately my wife and I decided to move back to our...

Yanling in NYC, New York

Updated 51 months ago

did I just kill my chance at this job? - 6 Replies

hi everyone, I am a new graduated and looking for jobs like everybody. Today I got a interview which was so fast. he seems so busy, only ask me two...

icelily20 in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 52 months ago

What are some good certificates/Training/Licenses that will lead to good paying jobs In New york city? - 1 Reply

Hi, I am currently earning an EMT certificate to possibly get a good paying job in New york. It's a short course that will end in about a month. I...

TASHA in New York, New York

Updated 53 months ago

HHA Jobs In New york - 1 Reply

DO they check for Misdemeanors? or just felonys?

Kunal in Newark, New Jersey

Updated 54 months ago

Raisers Edge Training in NYC (reporting & Quires) - 2 Replies

I am seeking a person who can train me on RE7 queries, exports and reports via crystal. I do know Raisers Edge...but need more training in these...

ohyeahitsme in Bronx, New York

Updated 54 months ago

Beacon Hill Staffing Group in NY - 3 Replies

Anyone had any experience with this staffing agency in New York City? Is it any good? Any information would be helpful thanks!

Ashara in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 56 months ago

Whats NYC like to live in? - 3 Replies

So whats it like in NYC? I am in Manchester UK where gun crime is rife but we can't buy one to fight back. Should I move there?

daryl in Rochester, New York

Updated 58 months ago - 1 Reply

Hey guys does anyone have any info on this company? Is it legit...All responses would be greatly appreciated

Silvija in Osijek, Croatia

Updated 59 months ago

Is finding a job in NYC easy? - 2 Replies

Hi,It is Can from TX. I normally live in Turkey and I study in industrial engineering in Middle East Technical University. I came to the USA with the...

Chad Metzner in Roslyn, New York

Device protection insurance sales

I'm currently run a business door to business door service that mainly serves barbers and hair dressers. I smoke, and recently I bought one of those...

Nanlisa in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

Wedding Planner Assistant Position Desired

Ms. Angela R. Jones Dear: Sir, Madame I learned that the best way to achieve success was to motivate the resources I had...

TJC in New York, New York

Updated 62 months ago

College necessary to be a secretary? - 7 Replies

Why is a college degree needed to be a secretary/receptionist/typist? What ever happened to life experience and good old fashioned common sense? I...

H Wallis in New York, New York

Updated 63 months ago

Finance Consulting & Other Short-term Finance Work - 1 Reply

So I have experience in finance and I've heard that in this economy some of the only jobs available are consulting, project, temporary or whatever...

esuccess in Brooklyn, New York

Anyone work from home?

I am looking to network with other individuals in this arena. No spam. I just want to know what is legitimately working for people in the...

strux in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 65 months ago

certifications - 1 Reply

on every job interview I have been going on it seem like everyone is looking for certifications I have 15 to 20 years experience in the maintenance...

nyc4life in Springfield Gardens, New York

Updated 66 months ago

Why do nyc hair salon assistants only make 5.00an hr? - 2 Replies

I'am just saying .....because their job is very demanding. They do allot of work for the stylist and don't get great tips. At the end of the day ...

JJPAUL in New York, New York

Updated 69 months ago

New York causes and charities - 6 Replies

What causes do people in New York care about. Where are the volunteer opportunities?

rodney in Brooklyn, New York

maintenance jobs in newyork

I believe that most maintenance jobs are very important in the world today.Because building all over or communiyties are falling apart,but most of...

nimmysnv in Indore, India

Updated 70 months ago

What Gov't jobs are hiring--USPS, MTA, etc - 4 Replies

Anyone know? I'm a senior studying finance but need a temp job at least very quit. I can't work for mim. wage. Thanks for any imput.

Alan in Union, New Jersey

Room for Rent in Jackson Heights, Queens...15 minutes to LGA!

I am looking for flight attendant who is interested in a room in Jackson Heights, Queens. The apt is in a great location and its only 15 minutes to...

CharlieMacNYC in Brooklyn, New York

Career Training & Job Placement Assistance

Human Resource Generalist/State Certified Instructor is seeking to help others get required training in Security, Health & Safety. (Security Training...

dean williams in Rockaway Park, New York

looking for work asap

looking for work asap willing to work any hours

SUSAN in Ghana


i want to know how fast ican earn a job in the U.S EW YORK TO BE PRECISE


In search of Jobs

Hello! I am an international student from Mali Republic who seeking for jobs in New York City. I am not currently in American territory but I...

Chad in Columbia, Missouri

Registered Health Care Information Certification...R.H.I.A. jobs in NYC?

I'm pursuing my R.H.I.A. certification at the moment, and will be relocating to NYC within the next year. I'm wondering what the job market is like...

laia in Barcelona, Spain

Help me to find a job for three months in summer

Hi, I am a spanish girl and I am 21 years old. Next summer I want to come to NY for learning more english and work (three months more or less). I am...

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