Billingual Discrimination - Spanish

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USAFA1 in Washington, District of Columbia

70 months ago

Learn a skill that someone will pay for and get over your envy. I speak four languages and translate professionally (I am not Hispanic). There is no discrimination, just people who are more qualified than you to serve the population in your area.

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Rodney in Albuquerque, New Mexico

61 months ago

Dee in Bronx, New York said: Frustrated with the majority of all customer service / entry level jobs in this city requiring or "preferring" bilingual employees to speak spanish/english. For the hispanic community , this is great as their natural skillsets can be put to work immediately with a little work experience. On the other hand the black community is suffering, the only jobs available is dirt paying jobs and lifting boxes for a living while billingual speaking individuals can atleast earn a decent living working in various customer service rep jobs making $12.00+/ hr .

Once these bilingual workers work their way into management they will only hire Hispanics and continue to alienate black people from gaining employment.

For example take a look at Cablevision's Call center main page:

EVERY SINGLE PERSON PHOTOGRAPHED is of Hispanic origin. The white guy at the bottom doesn't count as he is tech support and these positions are only stationed in Long Island.

Now I have pointed out cablevision as one example but there are many companies who are practicing these discriminatory policies hidden under "preferred" skillsets. I would atleast respect it more if they just labeled it under required because they have no interest in hiring anyone at these companies if you only speak english. But doing that will initiate civil action.

I'm really sorry to hear about this happening to Dee. I'm kind of curious - have you given any thought to working for yourself?

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Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

26 months ago

nycgirl in Brooklyn, New York said: hispanics are the lowest paid minority, and chinese are a larger immigrant group flooding the united states....

My daughter says that the TOP two languages that people are taking today at her college are: 1. Spanish and 2. Chinese.

My daughter speaks Spanish fluently as she has had four years of it. I don't speak a word of it.

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sanejayne in Tujunga, California

14 months ago

All I see is immigrants are benefiting and having jobs for their families, while people that were born in the United States are discriminated in their own country. And, yes it is a from of national origin discrimination. Until it is recognized for what it is, citizens of the United States are becoming homeless for not being able to acquire employment. This is one of the most outrageous forms of unfair workplace practices there is.

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