Device protection insurance sales

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Chad Metzner in Roslyn, New York

86 months ago

I'm currently run a business door to business door service that mainly serves barbers and hair dressers. I smoke, and recently I bought one of those "E - cigarettes" to help me manage my habit. Upon learning about these devices I decided they would be great product to peddle. I don't like selling ANYTHING if I can't get behind the product, and, a natural skeptic of most market products and services, this narrows down the list of things I think I would be able to move. Problem was, thanks to our contracting economy I had no surplus income to invest in this idea and knew I had to relagate it to more propitious times. A little over a year into owning this product, I misplaced it. Now, I wound up recovering it a few days later, but if I'd really lost it, I'd have had no recourse other than repurchasing it. That's when I had my own g-d damned "eureka momment". My phone is insurable. Why isn't my e-cigarette? Why aren't a whole RANGE of products, both electonic and otherwise, insurable...? I would love some feedback here. Especially from device protection insurance companies that would like an enthusiastic new pair of eyes and ears in their boardroom brainstorming up new innovative device protection insurance packages they could sell to other companies that would desperately like to lead as number one on the online rating web sites -- brandishing this new accoutrement to help distinguish themselves from their competitors. Yes, Asurion and Rizkebiz, that's MY telepathic overture you're hearing...

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