Had a third interview on Wednesday, what now?

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That Guy in Brooklyn, New York

77 months ago

I had my third interview with a company I'm very excited to work for. The process has been going on for well over a month now. This interview was with the Executive Vice President. I was told by the Executive Director that this was for him to see if it was a good "fit". I was under the impression that she liked me as a candidate and that my other two interviews went well.

Following each interview I sent a thank you letter where I also reiterated my interest and highlighted my qualifications, sometimes citing specific topics discussed in the interview. I did the same this time with separate and unique emails to both of them. Its only been two days but I was expecting a more solid result or detail of the next steps following my interview with the Executive Vice President. At the end of the interview he simply stated, "you'll hear from _____ (the creative director I've interviewed with prior)".

The only thing I can possibly think I did wrong was not having a demo DVD on me for the meeting, as I provided a link to an online demo reel with my application and on my resume. The Creative Director had mentioned that the Executive Vice President wanted to see my reel and asked if I had a DVD on me. I wasn't expecting this so I referred him to the link on my resume and then franticly emailed a quick link to it from my iPhone as soon as the interview was over.

Having said all that... What do I do now? I sent the thank you emails but was expecting some kind of positive feedback at this interview if not an offer. Compensation was already discussed in my second interview so I thought this was it!

Should I take the lack of an offer or at least a verbal commitment as a negative? How long should I wait before I call? Its been two days but I'm stressed out about the lack of an offer.

Can anyone offer any insight or advice here?

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YoungAndJaded in New York, New York

70 months ago

I'm no expert in the job market, but I do know that employers have so much on their plate that any lack of communication is not necessarily a sign of rejection. Either they are interviewing a number of different candidates and need to decide between all of them, or they just got busy.

Try contacting them again this week, this time reiterating your interest and asking them for a time frame for when they will make a decision, as you are also looking at other positions.

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