Moved to NYC but cannot find a job, am I unhirable?

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Silver0 in Astoria, New York

67 months ago

I'm a 30 yo male that moved to NYC around December after trying to find a job remotely and decided I needed to move here to find something. I have been trying to find a job since, but it has proven more difficult than anticipated. I have been out of work for almost 2 years now. I was doing sales straight out of college for an IT/Communications company for 6 years before they closed their door, but it wasn’t my passion. I have a BA in Business Administration and a specialization in Mass Communications and have been trying to rebrand myself however unsuccessfully.

I wanted to get into a more creative company, and maybe start off doing some account management, marketing or even advertising but it seems hard to get into said fields with little experience. I have been applying like crazy and got a few interviews but I’m either over qualified (as I’m trying to start low), or under qualified and they go with someone else (also I know the gap in employment is hurting me but there is nothing I can do about that). At this point I really just need some work, but I feel like I have exhausted most routes with networking and a temp agency I tried out. I don’t want to move back but I have been burning through savings and don’t know what else to do.

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madcityvent in Madison, Wisconsin

65 months ago

Start your own business. I can help.

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mike1000 in New York, New York

56 months ago

the market is tough for a lot of people, lot of folks looking and more companies are downsizing or cutting back on expenses/benefits to watch their bottom line. Easier said than done but dont get discouraged and look for new opportunities. Some temp agencies might be worth the time but from what I've seen a lot aren't. Cut back on spending, so you can stretch out what you got to cover living expenses. Tough to rebrand yourself when you're on limited income and out of work, so just be open to opportunities, even part time that can get you some income while you look for somethingfull time. Indeed and other free job search sites are a good start, but for me, I prefer applying on the company's website direct. Look at your experience/background because that's what employers want to see, it shows you have skills/expertise. Its fine to have goals and want to do other things but when you're out of work and need to pay bills you need to be more open. If you have friends or family here, reach out to them and let them know your situation, so if they hear of anything they'll notify you. Volunteering can help too-there are a ton of companies especially nonprofit in need. Besides supporting a good cause, you'll get your foot in the door, meet professionals, network with them and show them why you should be considered for something part/full time in their organization. Someone who's reliable, hardworking and professional isn't easy to find, so you'll get noticed. I worked in a nonprofit for 6 years, we hired people full time who originally started temps because they actually acted professional, were reliable and worked diligently. Best of luck to you, just try to stay positive because that comes across when you talk to people.

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KRB in New York, New York

43 months ago

Have things turned around for you?

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