Need Career Advice for Language/Culture Lover

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CravateLover in Pleasanton, California

51 months ago

Hello all,

I am a 24 year old with a passion for foreign languages, cultures, and anything international. From 13 years of age I began studying French and I grew up with Persian in the family house. I went on to notice that as I was watching Japanese media I would pick up on the vernacular pretty quickly. I began tacking on more languages as I progressed through high school and college, noticing that I have the ability to learn languages extremely fast, and have a passion for interacting with people of different backgrounds.

I got a degree in Poli Sci with an emphasis on IR and studied Chinese. I have study abroad experience in Taiwan and studied a total of 6 languages over 5 years of schooling, including weekly Saturday trips to a Korean church just so I can learn Korean. Now I am capable of speaking Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, French, Spanish, and Persian and am focusing on perfecting my Mandarin and French.

I worked at a publisher for 8-9 months out of college and did not like it. I realized I should not have been in such a sedentary job, but instead in a job that can allow me to deal with foreign cultures and people. I am currently working part-time at a service job in the tech industry in San Francisco to stay employed until I find my next job, but I've realized that this city does not have enough demand for people with cross-cultural abilities.

I have done everything in analyzing my career, by analyzing Stuart Jay Raj's (an Australian polyglot) career history and trying to understand how he wrapped up his skill set. I have comprised a list of keywords, possible industries, and network people on a constant basis in my part-time job, and I am at that point of realization that I may have to go to Asia, NYC, D.C., or Europe.

So any advice on my skill set as to what direction to go down on?

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