Need Help! Which job do I choose???

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jpbaldino in Riverdale, New Jersey

103 months ago

I'm 27, looking to switch careers right now. I'm leaving the mortgage industry because its too corrupt and you have to be "creative" to make money in that business, especially in today's market. Besides that I didnt get any salary or benefits or bonuses, it was commission only. Which isnt too bad since some moneths I made over $10,000 but other months I didnt make anything. Annually, I typically made $55,000. So please help me choose my next job which I want to be stable and long term and somewhere in northen New Jersey...

My current options:

1. Town Police Officer: would be in Bergen or Morris county, tough to get into since its highly desirable but I have very good connections and would be going to the Morris County Academy Alternate Route system. We know there lifestyle and in thos counties, there isnt much violence or crime. Pension is awesome, and salary can reach 6 figures in your 5th year.

2. Pharmaceutical Sales Rep: I already nailed the phone interview and waiting for the face to face. Pfizer is interested. Its $55000 plus bonus plus a company car. I hear this is a very tough position to get.

3. Executive Recruiter: contacted by a company that is number 1 in the UK and only hires executives with salries that range between $200k and $1 million. I would get a small salary plus bonuses and many perks such as many company trips to all over the world, plus a huge expense account to take clients to sporting events, dinners, and shows. They said $100k in 1st year is reasonable and their top earner makes close to $900k a year.

4. Inside Sales: for a real estate strategies company: new business development for an award winning consulting, advisory, and transaction services firm. It offers salary plus commission. I do not have too much info on it yet, but it seems very interesting with daling with the commercial real estate industry.

I have links to all of these jobs and I have a resume. Please let em know what you need to make an informed opi

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tanyab in Waterford, Virginia

101 months ago


They are all so different, where is your passion? What would you look forward to doing everyday no matter what else is going on.

If it were me ( I am a realtor looking to get into pharmaceutical sales) I would go with number 2. #3 seems to be a great structure, though the are in the UK would you have to relocate? #1 has great benefits and 6 figures by year 5, you are only 27 so that is still great.

#4 could be good, I am just burned out from the real estate market and you are coming from the lending industry do you love real estate? With the economy the way it is may not be the best move.

Also #2 & #3 give you great sales experience and you can take that experience any where.

On another note I am trying to break into Pharmaceutical sales, would you mind shring your resume with me or reviewing mine.

Good Luck to you!


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rt in Atlanta, Georgia

93 months ago

Me too! Would love to see your resume.

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92 months ago

I have been in the mortgage business for 35 years and currently unemployed. I really don't want to be in this business anymore. I was laid off 4x's in three years. I was a contract underwriter for a major MI company and now can not find a job in my field. I wondered what would be the best field to get into with my mortgage background. I am at a crossroads in my life and need some guidance. Please help as I have been unemployed since mid April. Thank you : )

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