Need advice with finding a job in New York City

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Anonymous in Brooklyn, New York

107 months ago

I am trying to find a job but I'm not having any luck. All I have right now is an A.S. in Liberal Arts and a CompTIA A+ Certification. I have no car and no relevant job experience. At first I wanted to try and get a job as an entry level help desk technician. (I am pretty good with computers) No one will take me except for a few small businesses in new Jersey which are located in such places that I cant even get there by public transportation.

I understand I probably need more education, but going back to college for another 2-6 years is not an option right now, and that will not get me the job experience everyone seems to value a lot more right now than any college degree.

Can someone please give me some job advice? What should I start with? Where should I go? Are there any courses that prepare people for a job in 3-6 months AND help with job placement?

I tried some employment agencies here in NYC, I sent them my resume, but every time I call, I keep getting the same reply "I'm sorry sir, but we have nothing for you right now. We will call you if anything becomes available"

Someone recommended I try to get a Quality Assurance job, but once I started researching this topic, I got even more confused since there are myriad QA jobs and each of them requires intimate knowledge of a particular field. Anything from baby toys to engineering to programming in C# and .NET.

Someone else recommended I try and get a "city job". Apparently there are courses that prepare people for this stuff. Like electrician or a mechanic or whatever... I started looking online, but I cant find any mention about any of this except for ads for security positions.

Please give me some advice. I am willing to do anything as long as it doesn't require cashiering, cleaning toilets or working in the sales field(which for me, is worse than cashiering or cleaning toilets). ;)

Please no sarcastic or mean comments. Relevant advice only. Thanx very much.

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aostler in Glendale, California

62 months ago

Since you mentioned that you are pretty good with computers already, I can think of one route you could take. You could earn your CompTIA A Plus T Certification in about 3 to 6 months, which would qualify you for certain entry level computer positions such as as computer operator or tech support. You can also search for entry level computer jobs at once you get certified, since it's a free way to get jobs.

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mike1000 in New York, New York

57 months ago

you dont need a car in NYC, public transportation is easily accessible. Since you're good with computers, theres alot of positions you can look into- entry level positions at IT support companies, administrative positions, Computer supply companies, Electronic stores, Database entry, receptionists, office support staff etc. Basically anything that requires some computer skills, which is just about everything. Keep your eyes open, let everyone you know that you're looking for work. I've had poor experiences with temp agencies, I suppose sometimes they might be ok long as the employer pays the agency and its a position you actually have an interest in. Job fairs can be good, some dont require fees to attend. If its a part of NJ thats easily accessible by the PATH, thats fine but NYC will give you the most opportunities, as the concentration of companies there is very high. Best of luck, dont get discouraged!

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John8000 in Brooklyn, New York

51 months ago

I kinda got the same problem i have a a+ certification it hasn't gotten me anywhere, companies value experience more than a college degree. It hard to find a job these days even a job that pay well but don't give up try searching for data entry jobs.

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