Need a job desperatly

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Juventus in Brooklyn, New York

73 months ago

I desperatly need to find a job. I have been out of work 8 months now... I have done everythng possible to secure a job, permanent and/or contract.I have called and asked friends and co-workers, applied to many, many jobs listed in the net, called and interviewed with several agencies, etc. Yet I have had no luck.
The company I worked for, a bank, was sold. I continued to work with the bank that had taen over. Unfortunately they decided to sell the unit I worked for to another Bank in Boston. Therefore we were all let go. I am an experienced professional, dedicated and committed team player.

My more than decennial experience includes, but not limited to Compliance: Senior, consultant Anti Money Laundering/Know your Customer(AML/KYC), Securities Lending Operations manager, Trade Support/Product Delivery. Liaison between Ops and Tech Support for all productivity initiatives.
Institutional clients’ Credit/Operational Risk review; mitigation and resolution, transactions monitoring/investigation, Compliance review of all ad hoc (Not-straight through) processing.

Any help in finding a work position is greatly appreciated

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73 months ago

Oh my God.I so feel for you.I am in a very similar position.I have been trying to do real estate for 2 years now.I'm not as nearly experienced in real estate as you are in banking, however.But that aside, the industries are interrelated.Here's the deal though: Due to all the financial and mortgage forclosure issues with banks right now, it is very clear that both banking and real estate pros are getting a negative rap.I too mass email/fax my resume 7 days a week and go to interviews.I have a career prior to real estate as a high level litigation paralegal. Following that I was a nonprofit executive assistant and manager. In the 80s and 90s lawyers were (unjustifiably)the "bad guys" with the "bad rep". Now it's bankers, stockbrokers, mortgage pros and realtors.My 2 years in real estate seem to "negate" any professional standing I have prior to that.It has barred me from returning to the corporate salaried world. What do we do about this? You cannot let the negativity of others influence you.There are many overqualified people out of work right now taking pay cuts - employers are playing the game to the T.Edit and target your resume and cover letters.Meet with as many recruiters as possible.Totally sell yourself in the interview!! Modify your body language to reflect confidence.Follow up with interviewers.Don't let your frustration come across at any cost.Do all that again and again. Also rent "The Interview" a German foreign but insightful short documentary.Just don't give up whatever you do.

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