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What are the opportunities for recreation, vacation, and just plain fun around Phoenix?

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Sue in Phoenix, Arizona

118 months ago

I actually live in Mesa but I can tell you in the year almost to the day that I arrived here it has been nonstop for me. There is just so much to do out here - country music fan - yep there are concerts all the time, rock and roll, yep that too. Just take your pick. For me I loved finally getting to visit the Frank Lloyd Wright foundation in Scottsdale, along with so many other things. Dont know where people are moving from but for a move from Illinois at age 49 it was a bit of a culture shock moving to a state that is just so laid back for the most part. The clubs are plentiful and varied - any ages and lifestyles welcome for the most part. Just takes time to find your niche - the most difficult thing I found at least was learning the streets and getting around the 202 and 60 and 101 - but once you got the surface streets down in combination with the freeways then you are golden

Cant imagine why I didnt move here 20 years sooner. And to look at the mountains and sunshine every day waking up or driving to work is something that you take for granted after awhile but it still hits me once every so often of WOW - I live here! :) And for a big city I will say this much - the roads are very well maintained, the police force is top notch and the cleanliness of the city overall was most surprising to me

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