Weather in Phoenix

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What are the seasons like in Phoenix? How do Phoenix dwellers cope?

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Sue in Phoenix, Arizona

120 months ago

The winters can get a wee bit chilly but when I compare 50 degrees cold as oppsed to 20 below then I know I am already spoiled. When my old friends ask me how hot it was last summer I laughed and said well once it gets past 105 I stopped looking at the temps and it is just plain old HOT! lol But it IS a dry heat and not really all that intolerable. Just had to be extra careful to keep water in my car with me and take care laying out in the sun. The thing that surprised me were the monsoons - I was not ready for those at all. And the streets out here jsut arent equipped for the major rains and they flood at times but then dry up pretty fast From my first and only summer so far the monsoons hit around late July, early August and went til September maybe But here it is March 8th and I am sitting on my patio looking at my pool - knowing its too durn cold for the water to be heated yet - and in shorts and a tank top and flip flops so goodbye Illinois in March and hello Arizona !! :) Oh and people learn quickly to not walk around barefooted - too hot and the scorpions are nasty

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