Moving to Pittsburgh - how did you get here?

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Where did you come from? How did you move here? What would you do different now?

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carl_pgh in Regent Square, Pennsylvania

109 months ago

Moved to Pgh from Seattle in 2004. What I always say is that the things I loved about Seattle were immediately apparent (coffee, scenery, bike-freindly, amazing seafood) and what I came to dislike took awhile to reveal themselves (horrific traffic, three months of rain, high real-estate prices.) Pittsburgh was the exact opposite. It took awhile, but i have even come to embrace this town's irrational love of pro sports, fried foods and overextention of vowel sounds.

I used Ship Smart to move here. Worked great. Label your boxes alpha-numerically so you know you have everything. Renters, I would advise you NOT sign a lease until you see the place and the neighborhood. Google streetview is a great help that was not available to me at the time. This is an old city, and one person's "craftsman" is another's "run-down-shack". I have rented apartments that were so far from level, water would pool in the non-drain end of the tub. If you aren't from the Northeast, be aware that gas heating bills can go well north of $250 in winter, so those leaded bay windows might not be so great after all. Make sure your water, gas and electric are slated to be on when you take occupancy, or don't move in on a Fri. PM, or a long, dark, stinky weekend may await you on arrival.

Try to relocate here in the summer. Many leases are worded to prevent tenants from departing from Oct-Feb, so inventories will be low. Buyers, get an inspection before closing. Pittsburgh's housing market never really bubbled, so there is not a huge amount of foreclosures in the city proper. Most new development is 20-30 miles from the Point.

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