I Don't Know What To Do !

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Barb in Renton, Washington

88 months ago

I have worked all of my adult life until I was diagnoised with Breast cancer in 2006. After a year I wanted to return to my job as Casemanager to the homeless and worked for The Salvation Army in Seattle, But 3 months before I became vested they let me go. Since then 1. My husband of twenty two years became very abusive and my son threw him out of the house so of course there went my only income, I had sold all stocks, retirement plans and personal items to pay medical bills and perscriptions.
Currently my income is $821.00 per month and my rent is $689.00. The manager for my place has let me do cleaning jobs in lue of some of my rent (he paid me $11.00 )an hour, it was hard to face my neighbors as they all new why I was working there but I was taught to believe that hard work was not a shamful thing...so I smiled at them a suffered quietly.
And to top things off I have two sons one is 42 and the youngest is 36 the 42 year old manages a cement company in Idaho and makes a good living and the 36 year old makes alot per month as my mom and I helped him through college and have helped both boys in everyway we could. I can only sppeak to my situation , I sacraficed everything to provide my sons with a home to live in on Mercer Island, I worked two jobs sometimes in order to give them all of the things other kids had and you know what? Either one of those boys will help their own mother(62) or granmother(90) today. My mom is almost bankrupt and the bigest reason part is the boys just bled her dry with promises of loans they would repay and never did. And my question to you is am I wrong to think that family should take care of family ? Especially aging parents and granparents? Do you guys think that is wrong ?
Anyway, I figured what have I got to loose except what little dignty I have left by just throughing my story out there... And to respectfully request any kind of a job you may have. Thanks So Much

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