Up and coming jobs in Riverside

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What jobs are on the rise in Riverside?

linda e navarro in Riverside, California

93 months ago

i am looking for a full-time job.
12.00hour +

Bill in Stamford, Connecticut

93 months ago

linda e navarro in Riverside, California said: i am looking for a full-time job. 12.00hour +

That's nice. You should have no trouble.

William Spence in Riverside, California

93 months ago

It has recently come to my attention that your Corporation may be seeking an addition to its professional sales and marketing team. First of all, I have extensive experience managing sales and marketing effort of several corporations in both domestic and international markets. As shown in the attached resume, my experience includes selling capital equipment to government agencies, engineered products to industry and the development and introduction of a high tech product line to the fire and safety industry.

During,the last 15 years, in each position held, I have (at a minimum) increased sales 22%. In doing so, I have had to formulate marketing plans, develop promotional materials and manage a national trade show effort. The majority of these positions involved the recruitment, training and management of national sale representative networks. The largest of these networks, was while in the position of product manager for the Ketema Corporation. It included over 90 professional sales people in the U.S. and Canada. I pride myself on the fact that throughout my career, I have been responsible for the successful introduction of one. new product line per year.

In addition to my degree in business, from the California State University, I have attended numerous post graduate technical and management courses. This course work has significantly increase my ability in LAM (large account management), TQM, Strategic Marketing and technical presentations to large audiences.

I appreciate the opportunity to discuss my credentials with you today. Thank you for your consideration.


Clay Spence
Encl: Resume

William Spence
3660 Nelson Riverside, CA 92506
(951) 892 9242

Searching for a Sales Management position where my experience in Sales, Marketing and Business Development can contribute to the success of the organization. Extensive experience coordinating the development of sales objectives,


93 months ago

I'd like to share this opportunity with you. We have an honest company in a controversial industry seeking male and female sales and marketing professionals who want to make top dollar.
Our company pays daily, five days a week (often six). This means that if you make sales today you will be paid tomorrow by a COMPANY PROVIDED DEBIT CARD.
Pay is $30-$50 per sale. With at least one sale per day, That's $1240 in extra income a month for the average sales person and that's just ONE sale per day!

Must be
honest, 18 years of age or older.self-motivated.
Must have
average or above typing/computer skills, no problem with the adult entertainment industry, desire to set own schedule and be OK with not having a boss.
We provide free and continuous training. There is absolutely NO investment whatsoever. Serious professionals need only apply. YOU WILL NEVER BE ASKED TO TRANSFER FUNDS OR DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL.
For more information please apply here:
click or cut and paste into your browser- www.tinyurl.com/38vd5z to sign up now, or respond for more info.

William Spence in Riverside, California

92 months ago

I would need a selling expense account and require to have all travel expenses paid...otherwise I'm not interested. Thank you for your interest.

Issachar Reyes

89 months ago

i need a job, i like to work and just moved here to Moreno Valley please help

Joseph in Los Angeles, California

85 months ago

You can work for Riverside Court. They need help securing their documents.

Check this out:

dalania lenard in Sun City, California

82 months ago

Host said: What jobs are on the rise in Riverside?

for teaching assitant, social service assitant

Paul in Sun City, California

81 months ago

Host said: What jobs are on the rise in Riverside?

Are any companies looking for Site Supers, for any residental or commerical jobs, within Riverside or San Ber. areas?

Jeffrey Richard in San Bernardino, California

80 months ago

I Jeffrey Richard am looking for a job. i have a class B license and can type 70 WPM and am computer literate. I word well with people. And have teamwork attitude. Thanks Jeff

Rosie in San Jacinto, California

21 months ago

Hello William,

My name is Rosie. I see that you have a tremendous amount of experience in sells. I just got started with a great business that helps families save money, invest, eliminate debt and so forth that's based out of Covina CA and is currently looking for sharp individuals for their Riverside CA office that they are in the process of opening. If you are interested please reply back or send me an email to nykhiab@aol.com We have orientations and overviews of the company Tuesday nights from 7pm - 9pm and Saturday's from 9am - 11am.

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