why is hard for a felon to get a job but if your a lawyer,judge no problems

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mfskinner in Ann Arbor, Michigan

22 months ago

I have been out of the joint and off paper for a little over 30 years. I am still locked out of a job because of my record. I am not a violent person, not a sex offender I was a stupid kid when I did the dumb things I did. Now I am 55 and I have just finished two degrees at the community college. I have been working on computers for 20 years but had no papers showing any training because I taught myself. So I went back to school when the economy went down and I got laid off from a job.
Now I am out of school and I do not get nay responses to the applications and resumes I turn in. Wow even the dish-washing job did not show nay interest.
It makes sense when I remember what I read a year ago. Since corrections has been privatized as part of the deal states have guaranteed to keep the prisons 90 percent full. How do you guarantee that? Well I think we are seeing how right now. everyone has to eat and I guess some figure it is only a matter of time and we will do something to get a meal or something.
I have paid my dues. I did my time and I have been locked out of getting ahead for 30 years on top of it. I am done apologizing. I am almost done begging for a job. I will maybe go out into the plains or the mountains or something and just have a little peace till I fade away, I am tired of people who support criminals in office who steal them blind looking at me like I could never turn my life around.
How many out there just did not get caught and now look down on us and pretend we are to be feared. What a sad society, and fearful.
Well I am done ranting, you guys are not alone and there are 2 million more in the system in one way or another right now. Scary how many are locked up for petty crimes that will follow them forever.
Every sentence is a life sentence either served inside or outside does not matter.

eladiojr1 in Chandler, Arizona

22 months ago

Shannon in San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas said: Hello everyone - please don't feel like you are going through this alone. I am a felon. It's been 21 yrs since my conviction and I have been home 14 yrs coming in May. I had worked for a Fortune 500 company up until last month - when I was laid off with another 100 people due to the economy. I was making more money then my PO, but now I'm not making anything. I have filled out approximately 60+ applications - which I know I more then qualified but I haven't rec'd not one call back. We all know why they don't call back. It's like OMG - they have been in prison - they are bad bad people. I hate we are judged by the felons who come home and screw up again. Not all of us are like that. There are a handful of us - who are really trying to make the best life we can for ourselves and our family. If we could only create an organization that would actually help us felons - that would be awesome, but we are talking about society - and we aren't going to get any breaks regardless. If anyone hears of someone willing to take a chance, please drop me a line. I am a single mother, with mortgage, car note etc, and of course don't qualify for state assistance because my house and vehicle appraises out too much.... Go figure... Thanks for reading and GOOD LUCK to everyone.....

Creating an organization is a very good idea, that is exactly what I had thought before I even searched this. 1 thought I would like to everyone to think about, if unemployment is at 9% or higher I bet that most of that 9% is felony citizens. in my opinion its probably at least 80% if that 9% that are felony citizens. We need to fight this form of suppression for people who want to do good.

BroncoBilly in Denton, Texas

21 months ago

Stephen Manley saw our thread and is fighting the three credit reporting companies using Texas Business and Commerce Code 20.05 to fight for his rights.

Here's the link to his story:


Let's all pull together and encourage him to continue the fight.

BroncoBilly in Denton, Texas

21 months ago

Also wanted to provide this document in which Rick Perry validates Texas Business and Commerce Code 20.05 At the top right of page 13 he warns employers in the Texas not to violate the law:



18 months ago

I've gone through the same thing for 15 years. And the cycle will continue to go on for many more years until they change the laws on how long a record should be able to affect a person obtaining a descent livelihood. All this is, is another form of discrimination. This is supposed to be the land of the free, equal opportunity, and the land of second chance. But that is not seeming to be true. This country was built on corruption and crime! This country continues to yell we are built on value. Not true! This country only is only worried about value(money).

Brian Bursch in Minneapolis, Minnesota

16 months ago

Dwi Misdemeanor and I can"t find a job, Society, interesting subject, most people in this country have committed crimes, they just haven't got caught yet. most people will not give anyone a chance, that's why most people go back to crime, just to survive.

Brittany112103 in Humble, Texas

13 months ago

My sister got a felony over 12 years ago. She started as a receptionist for a company & worked her way up to be an accountant. For a long time she had to work for smaller crappier companies because they didn't do the background checks. Once her felony was over 10 years old she had no problems. Companies only go back 7-10 years in your background. When companies ask if she ever had a felony she says no. All the companies hire her and never see a thing. She told me that since it's been over 10 years that she can answer no now. I know that might sound odd but she gets every job she applies for with no problem. If my sister can be a felon & be an accountant for great companies it shows there's many options out there! Just work hard! Also, one time when applying for a job before her 10 year mark they found out she had a felony. She talked to the company & had no problem getting the job. There are options out there! Especially with a degree you have a better shot because they don't have traditional applications when applying for real career jobs. Plumbers normally have criminal backgrounds & have no problem working in that field. Start at the bottom and work your way up.

toable in Claremont, California

11 months ago

Everyone here for most part seem like good and fair people. Some of us here were at one point very professional people's. Why don't we all list out our specialties and form a company which will benefit us. I would explain my situation, but it's none other than the fact that just like all of us here, we are not able to get a license(any)except driving, we are not able to get any decent job, or to hold a meaningful relationship ( all because of lack (money, job security).
I agree with everyone here as to their thoughts, but sitting and complaining is not helping, and we come below all other levels in the government's eyes to help.
So let's sketch what we are good at? or specialize in? IT,Hotel,Sales,accounting etc? email me directly or if someone else would like to carry the torch, please email me to let me know.......Thanks, wish everyone the best( i know it's a cliche but)

toable in Claremont, California

11 months ago

leannhampton24 in Greenwood, Indiana said: i am a felon and did a petition u can go to http//www petition 2 congress.com 8526/ give a felon a job if u would like to take a look.

jsut signed it

toable in Claremont, California

11 months ago

xfelons4jobs in Austin, Texas said: Hello I am Paul. I am a convicted Felon. I was convicted of felony forgery in 2002. Or as I call it a wake up call. I was 19 and had no dad or mom for the discipline I needed. Well the government did not care I was just acting out due to lack of love from a parental figure. They just cared if they could put me in jail for 2 stolen checks for 300 dollars. I know it was wrong. I even made emends with the person I stole from. Now it has been over 8 years since probation an no other charges. It only takes one time for me to straighten up. So I am glade it happen for the fact my life is better. In the sense that I do not get in any type of trouble anymore. But now 2 kids married and moved to a new city . And NO JOB-I can’t even get a job at IHOP. I went to college and have a great drive to learn new things. But who cares right. Employers don’t. I can’t get licensed for any trades in Texas like HVAC or electrical . So I Ask myself what now.
Give up-Keep hitting my head against the wall or ACT. This is wrong I am not a second class citizen. I am a American. I will start a organization for felons that have changed there lives and want better. If you would like to write me on comments or suggestion about this email me at felons4jobs@gmail.com .
We must stand together. We have rights to. Lets help each other. Bye

I am with you.... my email is toable11@gmail.com

Sammy in Plano, Texas

3 months ago

This organization has a lot of good information for anyone that has a felony on their record. They have articles about jobs, companies that hire felons, housing and stuff like that. www.helpforfelons.org

Here is a list of companies that hire felons - www.helpforfelons.org/companies-that-hire-felons/

This is an article about low cost housing/apartments - www.helpforfelons.org/felon-friendly-apartments-housing/

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