Sr Information Security opportunities in San Diego, Ca??

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Bdawg in Arlington, Virginia

117 months ago

Interested to know who the big players are in regards to organizations providing consultant/contractor services in the industry of Information Security/Information Assurance. I'm currently in the Washington DC metro area and have recently considered moving to San Diego, however, it seems based on indeed, dice, and monster that relatively few jobs exist in my industry which is HUGE here.

I would appreciate any insight anyone has, especially which companies would be good to examine? I know SAIC, Booz Allen, and Northrup Grumman are there.

Specifically I would be very much appreciative if anyone knew of any companies with positions for enterprise wide security with a focus on technology products, or information security policy/procedures.

Also it seems like the salaries are less in San Diego than in DC for things like information assurance, clearances and the CISSP. However, it appears that IT like programming/DBA skills are more in line with the salaries that are for security skills out east. Thoughts? Is this just a misunderstanding?

Again, thanks for your time!


khodorbarakat in Beirut, Lebanon

109 months ago

i need to work in california as a security officer , i am married and my wife is pregnant in 6th month

kd9g in Washington, District of Columbia

97 months ago

I also work in Washington DC as a Senior Security Engineer and have been looking to move to San Diego or San Francisco. I know that are a lot of government contracting companies--like you said there is Northrup and SAIC. Lockheed Martin and Boeing also has a big prescence there as well. Recently, I have been expanding my skills to include DBA skills and I know that Oracle HQ is out near San Francisco. If you want to go to the non-government side Sony is out there. I am guessing that the jobs out there are the same if you maintain a clearance, but is ~10% less if you dont. Let me know if you have found something.

r0fish33r263 in Oceanside, California

78 months ago

Hi there

I am a native San Diegan - started out at SAIC in San Diego and moved my way out East with the company. 2005 I relocated back to San Diego to take care of my grandmother. IA jobs in the Orange County area and El Segundo pay more, but are harder to come by as gov cut backs have forced layoffs. San Diego has on the other hand perked up recently in the area of IA, but the pay is significantly less inviting and the cost of living doesn't help things. Despite the caca weather in DC, you are much better off career wise to stay where you are if that is what is driving your decision. If you do have to come out, make sure you have a contract signed and know the particulars of the contract duration. SPAWAR is pretty busy, BAH, CACI, and NG are the biggies in San Diego. SAIC has moved most work to east coast. A little bit here and there, but not a lot.
Good Luck!

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