Don't trust Hal Hays Construction

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goironwalker in Temecula, California

60 months ago

I was invited in to an interveiw with Hal Hays Construction here in So Cal. Aced the interveiw- Business manager of operations told me "you are a great fit for our company, we'd like you to come to work with us." He told me that I would be on a project close to home, was impressed with what I would bring to the company. also told the HR mangager to get me in the next week for QCM classes for a Gov. project. Didn't hear from them for two weeks. After calling the HR numerous times along with e-mail that went unanswered. I went in to the home office to see why I haven't been called in. The HR manager told me that they were just screening for possible candidates and that I didn't have the job exactly. ???!!?? I turned down two Job offers thinking that I'd given a commitment.I've been in the construction industry 20+ years, never had that happen to me. tell me I have the job and pass up a couple of good projects which in this economy is a blessing, at least answer calls and let people know the situation. Hal Hays Construction, hope the government cuts your scope. What your HR did was wrong especially in this economy. Who ever reads this beware of Hal Hays HR and BM no communication, I suspect probably symptomatic in the field as well.

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49 months ago

I was promised a job in Southern Calif. The job was in SW Arizona ? I denied it

I agree with the above comments .

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riverside, ca in Alhambra, California

39 months ago

All I can say is that it's slowly getting better...

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Grant ogilvie in Temecula, California

39 months ago

Slowly Getting better? How do you slowly get better at doing the right thing? I have a professional associate that went in for the same interview process not a month after I did. Same conversation same promises and commitments from Hayes. The exact situation happened!
We both manage 50-100mm projects and in this industry your word is everything. Niether one of us will ever step into Hal Hayes office again that's for sure, and unfortunately its a real reflection of the operations of the company. As I further my career you can rest assured that my and several others opinion of this conpany will always be considered when dealing with or extending contracts to.

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Ben Thare in Indian Wells, California

16 months ago

Hal Hays Const, Inc. (not to be confused with Hays) of Riverside, Ca. in my opinion, is a place where you can have your integrity tested on nearly a daily basis - as I did as QC Manager on a military project. They bid cheap (that's how they get so many contracts) and diligently look for ways to cut corners -mostly in the field.. (I was given a very low testing budget, for example) They also self perform much of their work at not very good quality, but a sub's work damn well better be perfect or else... The field superintendent is at the mercy of the general superintendent in terms of receiving manpower (such as laborers, operators or the infamous concrete crew) or equipment to get the work done. IF the govt folks new that their projects -in supporting the war effort for our troops- were delayed because of "more important" Walmart parking lots, I imagine they would be flipping out! I read another review that called it "Hell Hays" and that pretty well sums it up, as I have never been around such a hostile work environment in more than 20 years.. This is seen by many as a transitional place until something better comes along, hence the "revolving door" reputation - I am sure it keeps HR busy all the time! And FYI, if you go to the corporate office, don't spend too much time admiring Hal's beautiful antique truck collection in the middle bay, because there are lots of cameras and big brother and sister are watching!

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Superintendent in California

11 months ago

I've been here a little over a year, and I can't speak to many of the things outlined above. As far as the hiring practice goes, I have nothing to complain about. When I first came aboard, everyone was welcoming to me, the Operations Manager personally walked me around and introduced me to everyone from IT to project controls.

Apparently there is a terrible side of the company that I have yet to see. Every time I see the CEO he is upbeat and respectful. When he comes out to my jobs, he makes sure to shake everyone's hands and I get the feeling that he really cares about the employees' well-being.

I would like to see the turnover cut down. They often have excuses that "it's not that hard to be successful here...all you have to do is...", but I sometimes feel set up for failure due to lack of training, or time to study my next job. Also, when you're working with new people constantly, you are having to learn how they work along with learning your new job. This can be frustrating. I've seen it leveled off in the last 6-8 months, but it's still too high.

All-in-all, I feel like if there is a "Hell Hays" like Mr. "Ben Thare" writes about, I have yet to see it now 1 year + into my employment here.

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