Best way to find a non-technical job in Seattle or Olympia?

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HappyHitchhiker in Salt Lake City, Utah

27 months ago

My son and I have been to Seattle and Olympia several times and want to make the move. I will be in the area April 1-7 to look for jobs. I have been applying for the past year but I think being out of state really hurts my chances. We prefer Olympia but loved Seattle as well. My background is in retail, food service, and non-profit. I have a BS in Economics, a BS in Accounting, and an MBA in Management and Strategy. I love being outdoors and don't care if I use my degrees or not. So far I am only seeing technical type of positions. I apply all the time to amazon and Boeing but those are lost causes. Any ideas or advice on finding a job in either area?

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