Fresh Graduate - Relocating

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Joeh in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

98 months ago

Hey all,

Stumbled across this website tonight as I was perusing around for job openings. I was born and spent the majority of my childhood in Seattle, however my family moved us to Oklahoma when I was roughly 14. Anyway, I just graduated from the University of Oklahoma with my B.A. in Philosophy.

I know that my degree proves relatively worthless in the IT industry, but I have already gotten my CCENT and am planning on advancing that career path quickly to the CCNA and then hopefully onward to a CCNP or CCIE. I'm also looking at getting MCSE certified among other tests in order to promote my skills.

I have little to no 'real world' experience in the IT field. At my last job that I held during school, I was the "go-to" computer guy before we had to call the corporate offices. Other than that my experience only exists in the home or through working for friends.

I realize that with the lack of experience I am going to have to start at an entry level job and do my time, since that's how it is in this industry. However, it seems as though I can't even get an interview set up. Part of this I attribute to not actually being in the Seattle area. Really, what company would want to relocate for an entry level position?

I am planning on relocating myself, at the beginning of 2010; on the first of January! I have a few friends that remained in the area so I have a few places to stay until I can find employment.

Can anyone offer any advice on how to even get my foot in the door at a company? I have absolutely no problem doing my time and proving not only my worth but my knowledge of networking and systems administration to a company.

Is it really just that I am not in the area yet? If so, I will feel much better about taking this sort of 'leap of faith' move.

Again, if anyone has any advice or words or wisdom for someone headed into my situation, it would be greatly appreciated.


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