Seattle Konnects

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Ben in Tacoma, Washington

88 months ago

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone has heard about Seattle Konnects? I found a job recently using it and have met some really cool people. I was wondering if anyone has checked it out and what they think about it.

Jessica in Seattle, Washington

84 months ago

Thanks for the information! I just joined and I've been able to meet many people in my area.

Julie in Seattle, Washington

83 months ago

I tried this site out after my husband and I moved to the Seattle area. I found one of my friends I haven't talk to on Konnects and it turned out they were hiring. It was the easiest job I have landed. Thanks for the post!

Sharon in Seattle, Washington

82 months ago

Hi this is Sharon from Konnects! Thanks for the great post and its great to hear that many members have found this tool valuable to them. We have even added more feature sets and enhancements to our site, so please check them out very soon!

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